A groundbreaking data erasure product ‘Device Link‘ has been launched by Ziperase. A hardware device that has automated the entire data removal, and refurbishment of MacBooks, this has simplified the process and has eliminated the need for human operators. Device Link saves labor, processing time, and in turn money alongside reducing customer returns, and assuring the quality and security of reconditioned MacBooks for refurbishers and IT asset disposal processors.

“We are seeing a huge demand from our customer base to refurbish MacBooks for the secondhand market. To properly prepare a MacBook for resale requires high touch labor from an experienced operator and detailed knowledge of the Apple process. Device Link solves this challenge for our customers by providing a turnkey solution that automates the process,” says Khalid Elibiary, president of Ziperase.

Device Link erases the MacBook and reinstalls MacOS according to Apple’s recommended practice, collects system data and hardware diagnostics such as battery life, checks for activation locks, and produces a report and printed label. In just a few simple steps the MacBook is refreshed, restored, and ready for a new owner. Device Link works on MacBook, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Mac Studio, and devices with both the Intel and new Apple Silicon processors.

“Our patent pending solution uses AI to encapsulate knowledge of all the steps needed to sanitize and restore MacBooks,” explains Colin Myers, Chief Technology Officer of Ziperase. “Using feedback from the MacBook, Device Link decides on the next course of action. ”

Designed for refurbishers, IT asset disposal processors, and enterprise IT asset managers, Ziperase conveniently packages everything into one simple, self-contained solution. Device Link is licensed as Hardware as a Service (HaaS), ensuring an end-to-end managed service solution. Interested parties are invited to sign up for a free demonstration.

About Ziperase

Ziperase is a leading provider of software and hardware solutions for total and secure data sanitization. Serving SMEs and large corporations globally, Ziperase’s style of easy-to-do business, hyper customer focus, and strong tech solutions make them a trusted name in data erasure.

Established in 2019, Ziperase offers easy-to-install and operate electronic data erasure software solutions for PCs, laptops, servers, individual hard drives, MacBooks, and gaming consoles.

Ziperase is certified by ADISA, an evidence-based certification body and independent forensic laboratory that provides data sanitization product validation services. Partners include OEMs, data centers, public/private sector, healthcare, and IT recycling and asset disposal sectors.

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