Bringing lots of traffic through to your website is good, but its usually useless if it doesn’t translate into sales. We are here to give you a few hints and tips, so that you can make sure you are bringing the right kind of traffic to your website and also making your website as user friendly as possible to encourage them to make a purchase. 

Target Highly Relevant Keywords

The first thing you should be doing to improve the conversion rate of your website is to make sure you are targeting highly relevant keywords in your SEO strategy. This is strictly referring to your organic traffic, so people who find your website by searching for keywords on search engines, like “luxury womens tracksuits”. 

When you are choosing the keywords you want to focus on for each page, you need to make sure that if people come across your website after searching for the keyword, they are going to find what they are looking for. An example would be going back to the “luxury womens tracksuits” keyword. If you sell tracksuits at a very high price point, and you are just targeting “womens tracksuits” people will be very unlikely to make a purchase because they will not be wanting to pay a few hundred pounds for a tracksuit. However, when you include the word “luxury”, users who find your website will already be looking for something that has a higher price point. 

Another example is targeting generic keywords on pages if you don’t have the product range to support it. For example, you wouldn’t want to target a keyword like “womens bodysuits”, if you only offer one very particular style that most people wouldn’t be looking for. In this case, you would target something more specific, like “womens pink bodysuits”. Even if only 200 people search for that keyword a month, you are much likely to be bringing users how are qualified to make a purchase, as opposed to targeting a keyword like “bodysuits” that might get hundreds of thousands of searches, but it won’t actually translate into many purchases as the product you offer is quite unique and not to everyone’s taste. 

The best way to see if a keyword is going to bring qualified users to your website is to simply search for it yourself and have a look at the other websites and products that are appearing. If your products are vastly different to what it appearing, you may want to look for a more appropriate keyword.

Have A Quick Website 

Another vital component of improving the conversion rate of your e-commerce website is to make sure that it loads quickly. There are so many e-commerce businesses out there, meaning that unless you offer something very unique, if your website isn’t quick enough and they get frustrated, they will simply go somewhere else to make the purchase. 

We really are living in a consumers world, where they can find what they’re looking for 10 times over in most cases. So, providing them with a quick and efficient website that they can easily navigate is absolutely vital to encouraging them to stay on the website and make a purchase. 

Offer Guest Checkout and Multiple Payment Methods 

Our third and final tip is equally as important as the first two, which is to offer guest checkout and multiple payment methods. 

Firstly, you want to offer guest checkout to reduce the amount of steps users have to take from adding to basket to finalising the purchase. Give the option to create an account and maybe even provide an incentive, such as 10% off if you set up an account, but offering a guest checkout gives the user more freedom to complete the purchase quickly, which could be what they need to be encouraged to make the purchase. 

Another thing you should be offering is multiple payment methods. Many users won’t want to have to get up to fetch their physical card in order to make a payment anymore, as usually they don’t need to, so make sure you give them plenty of options. This will include Apple Pay, Pay Pal and also things like Klarna and ClearPay.