Fashion knows no limits. Denim butterfly tops, cowboy leopard boots, and Juicy Couture tracksuits are some of the most outrageous trends that defined the noughties. Dresses over jeans, anyone?

It’s fair to say that the early 2000s brought about an eclectic mix of questionable fashion choices. Yet we all embraced them with full force.

Call it nostalgia, but in 2022, everyone is going head over heels for these Y2K trends. Here is how to incorporate a little Y2K magic into your wardrobe this year.

Cargo pants

After watching the new apocalyptic release that is taking the film industry by force, Don’t Look Up (2021), we can’t unsee the cargo pants that were brought into fashion.

Of course, cargo pants today have their modern twist ingrained in them, although they still have the DNA of the iconic J. Lo and Britney Spears’ cargo pants from the noughties. With 90,500 average monthly Google Search volumes, the utility-style pants are in line with the current survivalist trend.

The style has been embraced on the runway by top designers, such as Balenciaga. Celebrities don’t shy away from wearing them either, with grunge lover Bella Hadid and feminine-style icons Hailey Bieber and Dua Lipa joining Rihanna, who’s been an avid fan of camo cargos for a long time.

The Zoe Report recommends opting for leather cargo pants for a more refined look, matched with a blazer-style blouse and pumps.


Film and television are definitely a culprit for the fashion trends that are coming back this year. The American drama series Bridgerton (2020) teleports us back to the Regency era, whose fashion was defined by fancy house silk dresses, elaborate hair adornments, dainty shoes, and of course, corsets.

The 2000’s fashion innovation gave the corset a revamp. It transitioned from a fancy dress essential into daywear and was worn either as a stand-alone piece or was manifestedin the curved shape of other garments.

Today, we’re all embracing the cottage core fashion and the 74,000 average monthly Google Search volumes are a testament to that. The fashion shopping app Lyst has also seen searches for corsets to rise by 85% between January and April 2022. These searches are most often in combination with the words “lace”, “leather”, and “black”, suggesting that corsets have become trendy eveningwear in 2022.

Retail is also responding to the new demand. Asos reports that on average three corsets are being sold every minute this year, while #Regencycore has had 32.9m views on TikTok.

Hair clips

Moving on to the accessories section, we’re seeing a resurrection of all things shiny, and hair clips are certainly that!

We can’t forget the spiky hairstyles of celebrities like Hillary Duff and Mandy Moore, whose gelled-up buns were embellished with crystals and butterfly clips.

Today, stars like Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, and Tia Tia are showcasing their noughties-inspired hairstyles on the Grammys’ red carpet. With 45,500 average monthly Google Search volumes, the trend is here to rock our summer!


It’s a wonder it’s taken this long for bandanas to come back into fashion, because they’re one of the most versatile items you can have in your wardrobe and can suit our thirst for comfort and a pop of colour in our style. They can be styled into a hair accessory, a top, a scarf, and even a skirt.

Over the past year, bandanas have received an average of 27,100 monthly Google Search volumes, but these are sure to increase with summer on the horizon.

Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans equal comfort, style, and a more relaxed look perfect for your laid-back mood. During the noughties, low-rise baggy jeans, often matched with more denim, were the look.

Today, fashion designers are breathing life into the baggy jeans trend. The spring/summer 2022 collections of Balenciaga, Peter Do, and Molly Goddard are filled with blue and black baggy jeans designs. Celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Rhianna are also rocking the trend, which is receiving 22,200 average monthly Google Search volumes.


Millenial girls’ childhoods were defined by scrunchies. Coming in all sorts of fabrics, colours, and patterns, scrunchies were a handbag essential for every noughties girl.

Today, Bella Hadid is saying yes to the Y2K hair trend through a black-and-white tracksuit complemented by a white scrunchie. Hairstylist Ali Pirzadeh also says: “I do love a good-coloured elastic or a scrunchie, too.”

With 18,100 average monthly Google Search volumes, you should get on this trend too.

Strap sandals

Remember the movie 13 Going On 30? This is the ultimate fashion bible of the noughties, in which the actress wore nothing but strappy sandals to go with her vibrant child-like dresses – the perfect fusion between childhood and womanhood.

Strap sandals are currently gaining 9,900 average monthly Google Search volumes, but with the summer gaze, they’re sure to increase even more! Add chic and elegance to your style with square toe strappy heeled sandals like in Hailey Bieber’s fresh green look or Normani’s block heel strappy sandals in electric green.

The early noughties presented us with some of the most extravagant fashion trends. 20 years later, we are dressing loud again by embracing the iconic Y2K fashion moments with a modern twist. Let’s celebrate fashion in style!