Whether you are looking for garden flags to give your garden a sense of charm or to make it an ideal place for bird watching, garden flags do the trick in either case. However, garden flags come with their own set of rules that you need to follow while purchasing one.

Here are the top 10 things you need to know before buying garden flag

1) Size matters!

You should be clear about the dimensions of the garden flag that you are willing to buy. You can find them in standard shapes like square or rectangular and also tailored in different forms of triangles, stars and circles. The important thing is how large they are going to hang on your garden gate? If not sure about the size then measure your garden gate first so that you can be clear about the garden flag size that would fit.

2) Quality is of prime importance!

The quality of garden flags should be your top priority while purchasing one. If not sure, check for garden flags reviews to find out what other customers have experienced about them so you can decide better on the garden flag quality criteria.

3) Colors are important too!

Another factor that will contribute to your garden gate look is colors chosen for garden flag. The more colorful garden flag you have, the more varieties it has to offer in color combinations and accents of birds etc. Getting ideas from online design magazines can help you choose stunning garden flag designs with vibrant colors without burning a hole in the pocket!

4) Flag Design is also important!

For garden flag design, the first thing to check is its quality. Next comes motifs and patterns of garden flag designs. A garden decor with garden flag designs depicting birds adds on some beautiful highlights that are sure to make your garden look charming at all times. So choose garden flags that will compliment your garden theme or color scheme.

5) All about placement point!

Another important criterion for you to keep it in mind while shopping for garden flags is where is they going to be placed? Will it be hung over a gate or between two trees? Or you plan to place it beside flower bed or beside pathway? These are some of the factors that can determine how tall the pole you need must be so as to hang garden flag properly.

6) Durability is important!

The garden flag material should be durable enough for outdoor use. Vinyl garden flags come with an advantage that they can withstand all weather conditions including rain, heat, and sunlight and can easily survive many seasons without cracking or fading away. Garden flags made of silk fabric are also good if the garden flag motifs are painted over it rather than embroidered as painted garden flag will not fade away in hot sun whereas embroidery garden flags may lose their sheen sooner because of embroidery threads slowly coming out along with frequent washings. This way you can prolong the life of garden flags by keeping them clean and dry after every use.

7) Waterproof garden flag?

Yes, garden flags are available with garden flag designs printed on waterproof material so that garden flags can not only resist outdoor elements but also the garden flag paint lasts longer.

8) Finishing of garden flags is important too!

Check for garden flag finishes i.e. how garden flag edges are finished. Caulked or hemmed garden flag edges prevent fraying while double stitched garden flag edges add on to the beauty and strength of garden flags. Decorative grommets in garden flags can protect against tearing, ripping or shredding while garden pole pockets offer easy installation using poles of any length by just sliding them into these pockets.

9) Wind factor!

Another important criterion for you to keep it in mind while buying garden flags is wind resistance garden flag design. One way of keeping garden flags from being torn in high winds is garden flag weights. Garden Flag weights come in a number of garden flag designs and sizes to match your garden flag so you can find the one that best fits your garden gate size and garden theme.

10) Ideal garden flag size?

You need to consider multiple factors while finalizing garden flags for sale depending upon where you intend to place them, how tall is the pole etc. The ideal garden flag size for outdoor use would be 24 by 36 inches or 44 x 60cm which will nicely fit on larger garden gates whereas smaller garden flags such as 11 by 15 inches or 28 x 38cm are suitable for displaying indoors on walls, windows, etc.


Today garden flags have evolved from being just a garden accent or garden theme décor tool to becoming an indispensable garden accessory. From garden decor, garden flag poles and garden flag stands to garden flag designs and garden flag finishes, garden flags now come with various options for enhancing your outdoor beauty as well as extending the life of garden flags by protecting them against outdoor elements.