When resting on your cushions after a tiring day, the last thing you want to think about is health issues. Unfortunately, even the lone-time on your chair or sofa cushions isn’t free from health-related hazards. Cushions and pillows carry all types of germs. Some are harmless, while others can pose serious health issues if you inhale or even come in contact with them.

Pillows and cushions carry large amounts of bacteria, dust, and allergens. Thankfully, the COVID19 virus doesn’t stick to fabric-type surfaces. However, tiny insects like fleas, dust mites, etc., can cause serious health issues to daily users. Here are the shocking health risks that come with dirty, pest-infected cushions –

  • Tiny insects can enter your mouth and cause stomach illnesses.
  • Dust mites can trigger asthma and allergies.
  • Bed bugs and fleas leave painful, often infectious welts and wounds on the skin.

Microscopic pests can even damage your upholstery, furniture items, pillows, and cushions. Cushions and pillows collect dust and are infected by microscopic pests when they’re not being used. That’s why covering them with protective covers is very important. Using a high-quality cushion cover will prevent the daily buildup of dust, germs, and pests.

Dead skin cells won’t get inside your cushions. Unlike the cushions themselves, the covers are easy to wash. Users can remove them within seconds, wash them, and have them dry and ready for use within a few hours. By using these covers, you can always keep your chair and sofa cushions clean, fresh, fluffy, and, most importantly, healthy.

Here are the surprising health benefits of using these covers for your cushions –

Avoid the Risk of Allergens

Cushions are left exposed to all types of external threats all day. These threats increase in warm and humid environments where dust mite allergens thrive. Your cushion may contain dangerous allergens without your knowledge. These microscopic creatures can trigger your or your guests’ allergy symptoms.

Without high-quality covers, your cushions will always be dangerous for sneeze-prone people. By covering them, you can eliminate the risk of accidental allergy outbreaks at your residence. Using these covers is even more important in the summers. Both outdoor and indoor cushions gather large amounts of dust and pollen in this period.

No Room for Bed Bugs

The latest cushion covers in the market are made of polyester fabric. This fabric is strong, water repellent, and highly durable. These features make these covers naturally mold, mildew, and pest resistant. These covers create inhospitable conditions for the small pests inside your cushions.

Bed bug infestations are very hard to get rid of. On the other hand, polyester cushion covers cost next to nothing. If you want your outdoor, living room, or bedroom cushions to be “no bedbug zones,” install these covers.

Better Relaxation

Cushions are meant to provide relaxation to your tired body. If they’re not fresh, clean, and fluffy at all times – they can’t do that. Cushion covers prevent pillows from getting infected by dust, sweat/oil from our bodies, and other types of dirt. They keep cushions fresh and ready to be used for relaxation at all times.