Log homes have their charm, and some of them hold family histories. So, you will indeed want to protect them so that you can enjoy these beautiful structures and leave them for coming generations. Here are some common problems of maintaining Scandinavian log homes.

Sun Damage

Moisture and pests are the main threats to the wooden house’s wellbeing. So, most of you prefer to build your home in a dry and sunny area. But timber happens to have some major issues when you expose it to direct sunlight for a long time.

UV (ultraviolet) rays, coming from the sun, break down the wooden surface quickly. As a result, the wood begins to rot as micro fungi eat damaged timber, leading to a rapid increase in the rotting process. In addition, excessive dryness and heat cause wooden homes to dry out. It can cause your Scandinavian log cabin to become susceptible to fire.

Pests Problems

You may often notice boring insects in the Scandinavian log homes. These boring insects are powder post beetles and carpenter bees that bore into the logs. Moreover, they leave small holes and dust in the timber. These pests only eat rotten wood, so they indicate that your home has rotten wood that needs maintenance.

If you get rid of the moisture and rot, these pests will not get any food source. As a result, they will leave or die. So if you can keep these wood eaters far away from your wooden home, it is good. If not, call for professional help.

Humidity Issues

Damp places and humidity can cause damage to the log walls of your home. Moisture and humidity cause fungus, water stains, and timber to rot. As a result, your Scandinavian log home will get destroyed quickly.

To prevent moisture or humidity from damaging your home, avoid planting plants and bushes near your home. Instead, decorate a wooden house with faux plants and flowers. Also, seal the cracks properly and protect your log cabin from ground moisture.

Incorrect Stain or Paint

Log homes need fresh air to breathe. So, it would be best to avoid painting the walls heavily. Instead, opt for stains. You can also apply latex house paints or oil to wooden homes to achieve good aesthetics. But authentic Scandinavian log cabins look charming themselves.

In addition, incorrect paint starts cracking, peeling, or flaking with time. It is impossible to fix such issues without blasting and staining. With time, the paint may also give your home an unappealing appearance, making your cabin look unattractive. So, choose the right material and adopt proper processes to paint your Scandinavian log home.

Are Scandinavian Log Homes Worth It?

Though it has many problems, the funny thing is owning a Scandinavian log home is worth it. Their rustic flair is pretty adorable. Moreover, they remain strong, retaining natural beauty with proper care and maintenance. Therefore, most of you want to purchase them. If you pass them to coming generations, they will also cherish and love them.