When it comes to blinds for bi-folding doors, it may be beneficial to consider utilising blackout blinds as your design choice. This article shall explore the various reasons why you may consider purchasing pleated integral blackout blinds for your bi-folding doors and how they can add both aesthetic and practical solutions to a room.

Enhanced Privacy

Pleated integral blackout blinds are an excellent option if you wish to enhance the privacy of the bi-folding doors in your home. Morley Glass and Glazing’s Uni-blinds pleated blackout system can transform a room into complete darkness regardless of the time or day. From ensuring maximum privacy during a meeting to minimising the light that comes into your child’s nursery, pleated integral blackout blinds are your go to option for achieving ultimate privacy.

Protection of important information

If you have bi-folding doors with glass in your office or place of work, you will be aware that sometimes the visibility from the outside world can be a hindrance rather than a benefit. In the event of an important private meeting or when confidential work is taking place, your bi-folding doors will benefit from pleated black out blinds. Using one of the many available control systems from Morley Glass, you can easily slide down the black out blinds on your bi-folding doors and be assured that anything in the room cannot be seen by potentially prying eyes. And when you are finished you can easily control the blinds to allow light back in through your bi-folding doors and make full use of the light coming in again.

Aid Sleep

If your bi-folding doors are located in your bedroom, possibly the biggest benefit that blackout blinds bring is the ability to block out all incoming light to give your room the darkness and peace for a restful night’s sleep. Although bi-folding doors in your bedroom may give you a lovely view, warmth of incoming light and ease to escape into your garden, the compromise of light at night must be considered. Luckily you can remove this issue with pleated blackout integral blinds for your bi-folding doors. Not only will the blinds put your room into a tranquil darkness, but they can also block out some of the outside noise that may otherwise interrupt your peaceful night.

Enhance the atmosphere of a room

Bi-folding doors with glass will give you a beautiful stream of natural light and colour to your room but sometimes you will want more control over the lighting of your room. With pleated blackout integral blinds for your bi-folding doors you can take full advantage of any atmospheric interior lighting you have without the disruption of natural light. Coloured lighting or mood lighting will be displayed in its full glory if you use blackout blinds on your bi-folding doors. You can watch a movie in cinema style with the colour range of your television in full detail with your light blocked out by blackout blinds on your bifolding doors.