For many of us, Valentine’s Day is one of the most romantic events of the year. There’s something extra special about getting dressed up to go out with your beau on a night designated specifically for love and romance.

A huge 76% of us celebrated Valentine’s Day in 2021 despite a third national lockdown limiting what we could do. Now that restrictions are minimal, many couples will want to make the most of activities that we weren’t able to do last year. With that said, there’s also nothing wrong with spending some quality alone time at home with your partner this Valentine’s Day!

But one of the biggest conundrums we have is what to wear. Do we go classically romantic or for something bolder? What type of coat will you need in this transitional period of weather? What if you’re doing something a little different this year?

Here, we have the ultimate guide to your Valentine’s Day outfit based on the location of your date. From date nights at home to outdoor hikes, we have you covered!

A classic dinner date

What better excuse to get dressed up to the nines than for a dinner date at an upmarket restaurant? It’s time to bust out your finest jewellery alongside the outfit you save for a special occasion.

Structured dresses, or those in timeless cuts like A-line or empire waist, are perfect for the dinner date. Red and pink are classic Valentine’s Day colours but you shouldn’t feel restricted by them. In fact, choosing another bold colour, like a vibrant blue or a juicy orange, can help you stand out. Another way to mix up a classically sophisticated outfit is to opt for a chic jumpsuit. Think of straight legs and a fitted top half with a high neck or halter neck. Combine your tailored dress or jumpsuit with a longline trench coat for a classy way to stay warm on your way to and from the restaurant.

Take this opportunity to go all out with your accessories too. An outfit with an understated but elegant silhouette allows to you go bold with your accessories. A structured tote bag will complement your tailored outfit and, if you’ve chosen a timeless neutral outfit, can add a pop of colour. Throw on your favourite high-heeled pumps and your favourite jewellery, and you’ll feel on top of the world on your dinner date.

An adventure date

If an intimate dinner date isn’t really up your street and you and your partner have decided to do something more adventurous, you’ll need an entirely different outfit. Perhaps you’ve decided to take a hike at night to go stargazing, or you’re a thrill-seeking couple taking up a new sport like indoor mountain climbing. Whatever your chosen adventure, your outfit needs to be practical. But that doesn’t mean it can’t still be pretty.

Ditch the dresses for these dates and go for either a trouser-and-top combo or a comfortable jumpsuit that’ll give you plenty of room to manoeuvre. If your activity is outdoors, layers are essential. Mid-February could either be unseasonably warm, or it could still feel like December. Wear a comfortable shirt or t-shirt, a light cotton sweatshirt (which is less likely to make you overheat than a woolly knit), and a coat suitable for winter.

For a romantic hike, a pair of jeans will do the job. But for the more energetic activities, choose something with a bit more flexibility, like sports leggings. Gone are the days of ugly, see-through workout leggings that don’t go with the rest of your wardrobe. Nowadays, leggings with flexibility don’t look amiss in an everyday outfit – go for a sleek, opaque black pair for an understated chic look that’ll still allow you to be active.

A romantic night in

For some of us, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get dolled up and go out. But for others, it is an opportunity to spend some quality alone time with their partner. Indoor activities like relaxing on the sofa with a romantic movie marathon, cooking a gourmet meal together, or playing games together don’t mean you can’t still have fun with your fashion.

Comfort is essential, so why not go for a fun printed sweater? Go all-in on the romantic vibes with a soft woolly jumper adorned with hearts, flowers, or other cute motifs. Relaxed-fit trousers like joggers, leggings, or soft jeans add to the laidback vibe while still looking effortlessly fashionable.

If your home date night still involves a romantic candlelit dinner, a cute but comfortable dress is perfect. A tie-waist or tea dress style in a relaxed fit is a great blend of dressy and casual – or, if you prefer more fitted styles, choose one in a jersey material. Being able to move around as you cook, or curl up on the sofa after your dinner is essential.