In the busy routine of life, no one has even a single time to look around. Life has become robotic with the hectic schedule of offices and 5 to 9 jobs. Technology has changed life from manual to digital.  Everything has become just a click away. And everything can be destroyed with that one damn click. Just imagine someone works on the computer for straight 9 hours and at the end, he forgets to click the button to save his work.

It will be a blunder. To void this kind of blunders, many apps have been introduced to the world that can save work and important files automatically. Today, we will talk about these cloud storage applications that help us a lot in saving files.

·       IDrive

Everyone is familiar with the word IDrive. It is a very famous application used by millions of people on daily basis. It is an iCloud storage application that helps in saving large files, documents, important data, and folders. It is a technology company that is an expert in having applications that can back up all your data. It was founded in 1994. The headquarters of IDrive is in California.

It is advantageous in the way that it protects all your devices at a single time and charges according to multiple devices, unlike their applications. It saves your files and they are available when you are offline. They provide you with different trade services. If you are using a single personal device, you will be provided with a storage of 5 gigabytes.

Similarly, if we see the annual subscription, it becomes almost 2 terabytes. They will charge you accordingly. For the use of professional or office level, they will provide you with from 250 GB to 25 terabytes. It can be run on iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Android.

·       ICFiles

The second cloud storage application is ICFiles it’s a secure file share provider. It can be run on iOS and android. It allows you to store 50 GB of data for free. Besides this, it has a special feature of drag and drop that makes it super easy for the user to access the files. Mega offers very good deals on storage.

For personal use, it gives 200 GB for only 5 dollars per month. Similarly, for storage of 4 terabytes, it will charge 30 dollars per month. In addition to this, your cloud storage is encrypted to your device.

·       Microsoft one drive

The third application used for storage is Microsoft one drive. It usually comes with window 10.  This is very much similar to google drive. In this app, you can store your worksheets, files, important documents. You don’t have to worry about the shape and size of the file.

Besides his, it has access to other applications like word, excel, PowerPoint, and many other apps. By using this, you can easily share your wedding pictures and funny video of traveling with your family. Moreover, you are notified about the editing and sharing of the data on your device. It is the best app for those who are using android devices or iOS. The files and documents on one drive are easily accessible even if you are offline.

Then comes Box. It is also a very famous cloud storage application. It offers you a 100 GB space to share data and charge almost 80 dollars annually. Moreover, you can share, save, secure, and synchronize videos and pictures. In this way, it keeps you updated about your friends, family, and colleagues. The best thing about this application is that you can share the files with a link. You don’t have to attach large-sized files. you can just send a link.

·       Google drive

There is one famous app known as google drive. It is used by millions of people and trillions of files are saved daily. Google Drive was launched by google itself in 2012. It has the best and latest features. The best thing about this app is that it provides you with prop security. Your data remains completely safe in this app. Unless you want to share your folders with others, it does not allow anyone to access your files.

You can save and send large attachments and big files without being worried about the size. You are given free space of 15 GB at first.

First of all, you need to make an account on google drive. They will give you a free trial about a month after you make the account. Besides this, you can make separate folders of your files for office use and personal use. It is still the number# 1 app for cloud storage.

·       Dropbox

The dropbox is also one of the best cloud storage applications. It can be used without making an account. All you have to do is visit the website and directly share the data.  Besides this, if you want to share ad synchronize the data between multiple devices at a time, it is the most reliable device.

It allows you to save your data, files, worksheets, and other important folders. It also gives the user a trial period for free. After that, you have to pay for it. It does not provide you with a metadata offer. So you have to go through all the files to get access to the real one.

Final verdict

These are some best and most used cloud and data storage apps with wonderful features. They give you paid and free solutions to secure your data. So, pick the right app and secure your office and personal data.