Every business wants to grow its social presence. For which companies switch to automation tools to speed up the process. Automation helps you choose people whom you want to make your target audience. You can maintain a balance in your account number by automation. Businesses are willing to automate their Instagram activity to boost likes, followers, and comments which will further help them increase their reach. Automation does not mean that the complete work is to be done by a third party. It means you can let some things handle themselves while focusing on other areas, such as replying to comments and messages.

Some people try to buy Instagram followers, which can break the platform rules. Therefore, one must be cautious with programs that automate followers.

What is Instagram automation?

It is the use of third-party software to manage your account without any human. They can be bots like posts, follow accounts, comment, and interact with users on your behalf. The bot focuses on your target audience and manages the tasks, and interacts with them in a way you would do. Automation is considered the most efficient way to build up real Instagram followers. The automation tools and software make efforts such as:

  • They schedule Instagram posts ahead of time when you are busy to do that.
  • They customize Instagram analytics reports so that you can have a check on the data that matters to you.

Things that you can automate on Instagram are:

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Find Instagram Followers
  • Story views
  • Follows and unfollows
  • Reporting
  • Direct messages
  • Publishing

You can freely automate your Instagram account without worrying about spam with the help of automation tools. They will perform your tasks, such as automating posts to publish when most of your followers are active and using various hashtags to increase your reach.

Points in favour

  • Automation saves your time on tedious or more minor tasks. For example, businesses need to invest many hours in maintaining their Instagram account. Maintaining the posts and reports and offering new content to answer all the questions or queries involves considerable time and effort. At the same time, automation makes it easy by performing smaller tasks for you. Thus, providing aid in performing tasks timely and efficiently.
  • Automation helps to boost your follower count. Giving the required amount of time to people and interacting with them enables you to gain real Instagram likes and followers. In addition, followers attracted to your unique content and products will act as a source of publicity for you which will help increase the count of followers.
  • It helps provide insights about your audience. Automation tools help you learn more about your followers or target audience, their likes, dislikes, the content, and the type of products people prefer. Considering all these, you may work in that direction to help you establish your reputation among the audience.

A dark side of the story

There are some problems that you may face due to Instagram automation.

  • People prefer authenticity and originality.Some people don’t like bots, and they can easily make out whether the like, comment, or follow is fake. Instagram can quickly bring down spammy tools. It prefers authenticity in the work and originality in the content.
  • Poor automation tools may be considered spam. However, most businesses nowadays use automation tools to operate their accounts, and people are well-versed in it. Therefore, brands must focus on human interactions and ignore things that look spammy.
  • Youmay miss significant customer interactions. Automation has decreased human interactions with their audience, so you cannot provide people with personalized services. Therefore, you must focus on spending more time with your followers and automate the less critical activities.

What activities can you automate on Instagram?

You must have complete knowledge of the activities you can automate on Instagram. So, given below are the list of actions that are a part of Instagram automation:


Likes are considered the safest action to automate on Instagram. Automating preferences help you get your Instagram account in front of your followers. But it is not much interactive activity and thus does not likely increase your reach.


Automating Instagram comments is not recommended as it is highly risky. Inappropriate comments and engaging with unknown people are considered spam. Interactive comments are preferred; otherwise, people may report your account as spam.

  1. Find Followers 

Automation tools are highly used for finding followers. Automation tools offer you to analyze hashtags and accounts that may help you find your target audience without much pain.

  1. Follows/ Unfollows

It is a tedious and time-consuming task to check the follows and unfollows. Therefore, automation tools are widely used in this regard. However, one must do it carefully by ensuring that the target audience is being reached and followed. Thus, a balanced ratio is maintained between the number of followers and following.

  1. Direct messages

It is not advisable to use automated DMs as they may appear as spam. In addition, people can easily make out the difference when a bot is messaging. Therefore, you must personalize the message before sending it.

  1. Story views

Automation of story views does not involve many risks. It will only view the story on your behalf. Thus, automating story views can help you reach but won’t focus on your target audience.

  1. Content posting

Most marketers commonly use automation tools for posting their content at a scheduled time. It is helpful as it already schedules the post for you based on the activity status of your target audience, so you need not scramble at the end moment.

Final takeaways

  • It will help if you prefer not to use automating comments and messages.
  • Personalize your comments and messages before sending them.
  • Do not buy Instagram followers, likes, or shares.
  • Try to post unique content rather than repetitive.
  • Don’t use automation tools for interactions that require personalized replies.


Some points, as mentioned earlier, must be considered while automating Instagram for businesses. Saving time is one of the most significant advantages of automation tools, but at the same time, it must not cost you the effectiveness of business. It may lead to destroying your image and thus ending your business. Therefore, you must use these tools for backend tasks to save time and maintain your reputation. It does not entirely depend on automation tools to increase your reach or followers. The ultimate work, i.e., the unique and engaging content, must be created by you. You must use hashtags, reply to comments, and post regularly. In the end, these elements would only help you maintain and promote your business account.