The latest RSS solution from the founders of FlipRSS enables users to easily collect the web’s best content and build engaging newsletters

 A new tool capable of capturing content from webpages and storing it into custom-branded RSS feeds has just been launched by newsletter software service FlipRSS.

The tool, titled SnipRSS, simplifies the newsletter creation process by instantly saving articles, Tweets, images, media or any other web content – empowering users to curate rich feeds and produce engaging automated newsletters that can be shared directly with subscribers.  

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is designed to deliver computer-readable updates – allowing website visitors to subscribe to, and be notified of, new content when it’s published. 

RSS feeds make content portable, sharable and open – and are frequently used by blogs and podcasts to syndicate new content to subscribers, third-party systems and newsletters. 

With SnipRSS, content can be edited at the point of capture or within the platform itself. Users have complete control over what is shared with subscribers and visitors – with the option to edit, re-order and delete content as required.  

SnipRSS has been developed by the founders of FlipRSS – a tool that automates and personalises RSS feed newsletters to individual subscriber preferences. 

Speaking on the launch of the new tool, FlipRSS founder and lead developer Andrew Gleave commented: “We are focused on helping newsletter creators increase subscriber engagement and deliver more value whilst saving time in the process. 

“SnipRSS epitomises this ethos and allows content, from YouTube videos to Tweets, to be collected quickly and efficiently. Storing this content as an RSS feed provides creators with the ability to automate their newsletters using RSS-to-Email features – common with many of the leading email service providers.

“The beauty of SnipRSS is it can be used as a standalone product, or to compliment other email platforms in the delivery of RSS-to-email newsletter campaigns. 

“In most cases, this provides newsletter owners or teams with the flexibility to enhance their workflow and efficiencies without having to change email service provider and without incurring significant costs.”

SnipRSS is a cost-effective solution – with all tiers offering an unlimited number of RSS feeds. 

A no-commitment, free-for-life plan (limited to 50 posts) is available to sample the service. 

Paid tiers begin at just £18 per year – just £1.50 per month.

More information is available on the official SnipRSS website.