JioBusiness is a unique initiative by Reliance Jio to cater to the digital needs of micro, small and medium businesses in India. It offers a one-stop remedy to expound and resolve business problems in a smart, efficient, and cost-effective way. It allows MSMBs to leverage the power of digital technologies and operate in a smooth and hassle-free manner without decreasing productivity or performance.

This is an integrated solution that amalgamates enterprise-grade voice and data services, digital solutions along with various devices to accentuate enterprises like never before and take them to a level once deemed impossible to achieve.

JioBusiness solutions are fashioned in such a way that they strive to make your enterprise exponentially better in every aspect there is. From operations and remote working to seamless connectivity and high internet speed, JioBusiness has it all! Here are some key benefits of Jio Business solutions carefully curated for MSMBs.

  • Ultra-fast and seamless operations with Enterprise-grade data connectivity
  • Improved productivity and collaboration with Microsoft 365
  • Smart Video Conferencing tools and solutions to conduct meetings and more
  • Networking with customers and employees enabled by unlimited HD Voice
  • Creation of website and promotion on Social Media
  • Remote management of employee attendance
  • Management of all the services through an intuitive digital Self-Care portal

JioBusiness has several prominent features that allow these benefits to be availed. Some of them include:

  • Jio High Speed Internet (HSI) – HSI offers fiber connectivity with truly unlimited and symmetric internet up to 1 Gbps. It needs a mention here that without high internet speed, smooth operations of any organization become quite challenging, especially during work from home. HSI resolves that problem by providing Dual-band Wi-Fi that enables superior indoor coverage. Meaning, you no longer need to be stuck to your seats to get your work done. Apart from this, Public Static IPv4 is also available on select plans which allows wider reach to hosted applications. From conducting team meetings to downloading/uploading heavy files, everything can be achieved seamlessly with Jio HSI.
  • IP Centrex – This feature allows you to stay connected with unlimited voice calls to anyone present anywhere in India.
  • JioMeet – This has proven to be an exceptionally helpful feature especially during Covid-19 times. With this HD video conferencing and content sharing application, you can schedule calls or instant meetings with up to as many as 250 participants.
  • JioOnline – It claims to offer the fastest way to build your business website, activate e-commerce and find new customers with digital marketing tools. Apart from smart digital marketing solutions, it also helps with developing product or service catalogue laden with in-built payment gateway.
  • JioAttendance – This has enabled an easy way of tracking and taking attendance, especially for remote working. It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based ‘Contactless Attendance & Access control’ Cloud platform allowing employers to manage workforce remotely.
  • Microsoft 365 – This lets you improve and enhance productivity with Office Apps, Outlook mail, OneDrive storage and Microsoft Teams and more.

Apart from a myriad of benefits, some additional advantages of JioBusiness include digital First Business Membership with select plans, support from experts to pick and adopt what is best suited for your business, benefits of GST and no upfront investment, and a lot more.

As of now, the JioBusiness plans range from 901 Rs/month and go up to Rs 10,001 Rs/month. Take a look at some of the detailed plans below:

JioBusiness Plans 901 plan 1201 plan 2001 plan 3001 plan
MONTHLY PLAN RENTAL Rs 901/month Rs 1201/month Rs 2001/month Rs 3001/month
ONE TIME REFUNDABLE AMOUNT Rs 1000 Rs 3500 Rs 3500 Rs 3500
Download = Upload Speed up to
100 Mbps 150 Mbps 300 Mbps 500 Mbps
IP Centrex 1 Line 2 lines 4 lines 4 lines
Fixed Mobile Convergence 3 months introductory offer 3 months introductory offer 3 months introductory offer
Microsoft 365 2 Licenses 4 Licenses 6 Licenses
JioAttendance 10 Licenses 10 Licenses 10 Licenses
JioOnline Basic Basic Basic


JioBusiness solutions offer a way to boost your business, amplify it and widen its reach through digital means. It is quite beneficial for MSMBs as it is not only cost friendly, but it offers a very simple way to cater to most of the digital needs thereby allowing your enterprise to grow and expand like never before.