A survey of 2,000 people with a mortgage found they still have an average of 45 per cent of it left to pay.

But just under one in 10 (nine per cent) admit they have no idea exactly how much they still owe on their home.

And 49 per cent believe the hassle and paperwork of remortgaging simply wouldn’t be worth the financial savings.

Another 46 per cent don’t believe they really know enough about the matter to make their own decisions – and simply ‘do whatever the mortgage advisor tells them’.

While six in 10 can’t face the hassle of trying to change their rate, considering their financial situation to be ‘just fine’.

A spokesperson for Barclays Mortgages, which commissioned the research, said: “It’s clear from our research that many find remortgaging a tricky subject to understand, even though UK adults have been on the mortgage payment ladder for an average of 13 years and five months.

“As a result of lacking knowledge in the subject, homeowners are sticking with what they know and not exploring new options when it comes to remortgaging.”

“With the average amount left to pay on a mortgage at 45 per cent, remortgaging sooner could end up saving them money – not only month to month, but over the whole of their mortgage-paying life.”

It also emerged that the average monthly cost of a British mortgage is £560, and one in five hope to be mortgage-free by the time they’re just 50 years old.

Sixty per cent of homeowners are on a fixed-rate mortgage, but just 17 per cent are on a tracker offering and 10 per cent have an interest-only deal in place.

However, just under one in 10 are happy to admit they don’t even know what kind of mortgage they have.

While 21 per cent have no idea when they’ll even be eligible to apply for a new mortgage, according to the OnePoll figures.

A spokesman from Barclays Mortgages, added: “Whatever the reason for remortgaging, doing research and exploring the options available to you could pay dividends.”

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