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More than four in five Americans take the quality of their sandwiches seriously, according to new research.

In a poll of 2,002 people, 62% said they are loyal to one restaurant or deli specifically because they make the best sandwiches.

In fact, almost two-thirds (65%) of respondents reportedly cycled through three or more different restaurants before finding their go-to sandwich stop.

The meat-to-cheese ratio is a hot topic in the sandwich-loving community, especially among those who take their sandwiches “very seriously” — 43% of these serious eaters said the perfect ratio includes much more meat than cheese. 

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of French’s Mustard, also revealed that 66% of those surveyed will put between three and six or more different condiments on their sandwiches at once.

Almost half (45%) of all respondents spread their condiments on the bun with a knife, compared to 26% who drizzle them. 

On top of that, the majority (44%) of respondents believe that condiments belong not just on the top bun or bottom bun, but on both. 

Forty-three percent prefer a creamy texture to their condiments, including even 36% of those who claim to not take their sandwiches “very seriously.” 

When it comes to the sandwich as a whole, 57% of respondents believe the most important part is the meat.

Another 44% said that having the right bun or bread is what produces the best quality sandwich.

And on the opposite side of the spectrum, almost one-third of respondents said that the inclusion of olives will ruin the entire sandwich for them. 

However, for millennials (ages 25-40), banana peppers were the ultimate deterrent. 

“Our main goal is to get mustard on more sandwiches, so it was affirming to see how seriously Americans feel about them,” said Jill Pratt Chief Marketing Excellence Officer at McCormick. “There is no more perfect lunch or dinner than a satisfying sandwich.”

Thirty-eight percent of respondents build their sandwiches to be somewhere between a healthy meal and a guilty indulgence. 

The majority (39%) of those who take their sandwiches “very seriously” lean more toward keeping their sandwiches as healthy as possible, but 58% of those who don’t take their sandwiches seriously prefer a guilty indulgence.“Focusing on small changes to make better choices feels achievable,” Pratt added. “Something as simple as selecting more veggie toppings along with flavorful condiments that don’t add fat or calories, like French’s Classic Yellow Mustard, allows them to be very serious about both health and indulgence.” 

And although two-thirds of respondents said they usually order the same type of sandwich, 43% of people will try a more “adventurous” sandwich if it’s recommended to them by family or friends.


  • Cheesesteak (43%)
  • Burger (36%)
  • Barbecue pulled pork (35%)
  • Italian (34%)
  • Reuben (30%) 


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