Founder Marta is an advocate for a more sustainable way of life, stripping away complexity and using exclusively 100% linen.

Linen, layers, pleats, pockets and poppers; the signature DNA that gives Lemuel MC ageless appeal. Marta designs seasonless styles for maximum wear and longevity. The Made To Order production process eliminates overproduction and waste, with bespoke alterations available for perfect fit, so each piece stays in your wardrobe for the longest possible time. Free repairs for life, because Lemuel MC love what they create for life. All consciously created with a zero waste ethos, utilising offcuts for additional products and projects.

Linen, as well as being a tactile fabric which naturally gets softer with each wear, is perfect for all seasons. Lemuel MC uses different ‘qualities’ (types of weave) and weights (thicknesses) of linen. In colder weather, heavier linen is ideal for layering for year-round wear and multiple styling options – and it is breathable too. All aspects of design are carefully considered, with pleats for form and structural detail, and metal poppers for their recycling capabilities, easy wear and detachment.

Linen is a sustainable choice. Flax, from which linen is made, is made is an incredibly resilient crop which needs minimal pesticide intervention, and can be grown using far less water than cotton. The entire plant can be woven into fibre or otherwise used, meaning minimal waste, whilst also being biodegradable and recyclable. Linen is durable, strong and breathable with natural thermal properties, and the fibre is biodegradable and recyclable. It is a chameleon of a fabric which can compete with wool, denim, cotton and silks without the associated environmental and humanitarian impacts.

All Lemuel MC patterns are original, created through organic development and finalised using what already exists. Packaged with charity shop wallpaper to remove the use of new materials, treading lightly on the planet. Hand drawn, hand stamped labels created from offcuts tell the story and love of linen, and sit alongside care labels that really care and remind you to care too.

Lovingly packaged in hand drawn illustration tissue paper and linen offcut ribbon ready to continue its linen tales with you.

Passion, innovation, creativity, resourcefulness, care and consideration. Supporting small & ethical supports the fight for a sustainable future.