The politically-neutral social networking site has been set up as a “safe space for open debate”

A new social networking platform designed to promote free speech has officially launched in the UK. 

Nattaa is described as a safe, politically-neutral space for conversation – restoring social media to its original purpose of creating a community without censorship or abuse. 

On Nattaa, users can communicate without fear of reprisal from administrators who do not share their points of view. 

Moderators will ensure posts are free of hate speech, racism and stay within the boundaries of common decency, making the platform suitable for people of all ages and interests. 

A range of security and privacy features are installed to keep user data safe and secure. 

Nattaa’s custom-designed infrastructure means irrelevant advertising will also be minimised – rejecting the advertising ecosystems on major social networks that allow big brands to pay for reach and insert themselves into conversations. 

The platform is also free to join. 

Alex Sheldon, Co-Founder of Nattaa, said: “Over the years, we’ve stood by and watched as many popular social media channels have descended into little more than digital advertising platforms with brand visibility sold to the highest bidder. The original purpose has been lost. 

“We’ve also seen moderators ban or banish users for speaking out with an opinion that doesn’t match with their own political allegiance, and we felt that enough was enough. Nattaa is a new type of social network where members are invited to share their thoughts without fear of being removed for having an opinion. We’ve made it our mission to reinstate the community-centric ideal that many platforms were first created for. 

“By removing biased advertising, Nattaa stands against pushing products or viewpoints on others, and we hope that people will join us in putting the social element back into social media.”

To find out more about Nattaa and to register for a member account, visit: