If you’ve recently rented one of the newer condos in Bangkok, you can appreciate why there is an urgent need for self-storage services in the city.

With the price of land being exorbitantly high within Bangkok, developers are trying to squeeze as many units as they can into each of the condos they develop. Residents are increasingly being overrun by their belongings and the lack of space to store them. Having a storage room in one of these condos is a luxury, and the room will soon be packed to the rafters.

But often, there is simply no storage space other than a few drawers and cabinets. Forward-thinking companies have noticed the trend toward downsizing in the cities new housing developments and have stepped in to offer a welcome solution.

Secure Climate-controlled Self Storage Services

There are beginning to be self-storage services located in convenient areas around the city. These places offer air-conditioned storage spaces to house your valuable furnishings and other items that just don’t fit in your present condo but are much too valuable or have a sentimental appeal that prohibits you from getting rid of them.

These places offer security as well as lower temperatures and a lack of humidity. Your valuables can be safely stored for years if need be without damage from the heat and humidity of Thailand.

Business Self-Storage Services

Businesses also often run into the same storage problems as renters and homeowners, particularly a successful business. During sudden growth periods, the on-hand stock levels of small businesses can overwhelm their premises. But if you don’t have it on hand, you can’t sell it.

Self-storage services solve the stock problem by providing a safe and secure storage facility in several useful sizes, which means you’re not paying for more space than you need.

Paperwork also often needs to be kept for tax and regulatory purposes. But a company that has been in business for many years has so much paperwork that storage becomes a problem. These storage facilities mean that valuable paperwork is safely stored until no longer needed.

Convenient Access 24/7

The locations of these self-storage service facilities also add to their appeal. Many of these facilities are centrally located close to residential clusters of condos and apartments and small businesses around the neighborhoods of Bangkok.

You can access your storage unit 24/7, and these storage facilities have convenient loading docks, dollies, and other devices that make it easy to move your belongings any time of day or night. For businesses, they offer the ability to restock your shop quickly and easily. Your storage unit becomes your own little warehouse conveniently located near your shop.

Both businesses and households users supply their own lock so they can be sure that only they can access their unit. To learn more about these welcome solutions to crowded and cluttered condos and businesses in Bangkok, please contact JWD Store It! today to visit their facilities and check out everything they offer.