Are you looking for more privacy for your home? Or is security for your family a concern?

Whether you need a decorative element for your yard or boundary solutions, fences are an excellent addition to any front yard space.

At Coventry Fencing, we understand that fences are not only for boundary and privacy reasons. They also support planters and allow you to showcase some of your beloved ornamental features

Even with a small garden, you can still have the outdoor space of your dreams.

From functional to decorative, we have touched on fencing ideas that anyone can install into their garden, or work with a fence contractor Coventry like us, to get the best results.


Wood provides a natural feel that enhances the continuation of your natural landscapes. A traditional wooden fence has always been a simple but effective option.

They are easy to build and very cost-effective when compared to other fencing alternatives.

To get that traditional feel go for a rustic split rail fence. This 3- slat fence is widely used and if incorporated with bright flowers, can make your front yard a paradise.

The best thing is that weathered split rails offer a unique appearance and enhances the natural theme of your garden.

You can also make use of perennial vines, like wisteria, which can be used to add that extra flair to your fence.

Natural wood planks can also be painted to add your style to the landscape. Place the planks close together to provide extra support for climbing plants.

Most people shy away from natural wood due to its eventual deterioration and rotting quality. If you still want a wooden fence without the hassle, try polymer “wooden” fencing.

It looks like wooden posts but offers more durability as it does not weather or warp in cold temperatures.


Fences are not always rigid and plain. Remember that they can serve as decorative elements in a garden space.  Make use of rounded posts to add curvature and a whimsical style to your lawn.

Painting the posts with bright colours, or colours matching your home style can give off a professionally put-together look. 


Mixing and matching your fencing materials has become very common among fence installers in Coventry. This technique offers many advantages such as:

  • A unique one of a kind fence.
  • A more durable fence by mixing long-lasting fencing materials to your fence.
  • Endless style options are available to help you get exactly what you want.
  • It is an affordable fencing option.

Take it a notch higher and mix and match not only fencing materials but also the directions of your fencing panels and boards!

This beautiful garden fence is a clever combination of horizontal wooden slates and natural stone to create a unique and functional boundary.


Horizontally placed fence slats form a design that creates long clean lines and shadows for the ultimate contemporary look.

When the sun sets, long shadows are created and they can be vital in providing shade for your flower beds and also much-needed coverage for your fence from the elements. 


Cedar is popular among DIYers that need a durable fencing solution that still offers a natural style and design.

Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and infestation. Furthermore, its rich red and reddish-brown hues offer a warm and inviting feel to garden spaces.

With very little maintenance you can keep these red boards bright with no discolouration at all.

You can use wide cedar planks as a backdrop to your flowers while keeping everything natural-looking and organic.


Bamboo is a great fencing option for people looking for an inexpensive, readily available fencing material.

It is lightweight and easy to handle during installation, making it a great choice for fences and privacy screens.

Its best qualities are that it does not rot and it’s durable and long-lasting. They add a modern, clean touch to conventional fence designs.

Try layering bamboo posts to add texture and strength to your fence. Incorporate heavy vining vegetation to it for that extra greenery. It creates a natural and unique feel to your boundary.

Alternatively, you can use bamboo posts to define different areas in your garden space or to keep unsightly parts of your yard hidden away from sight.

Bamboo lattice is a simple but clever screen choice and can be used both indoors and outside.

Are you in need of an interesting and unique feature for your boundary?

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