Out of all household chores and tasks, one thing that most people struggle with is a garbage disposal. Properly throwing trash, in a way that isn’t harmful to the environment or people, is a difficult task if you think about it, which is why a majority of people have a hard time grappling with it.

One of the main reasons why garbage is tough to tackle is also because it is such a constant thing. There’s not a single day, or instance, where you don’t generate trash. Even if it might be a minuscule amount. And on the days where you have to move to a new apartment, or when you’re giving your home a deep cleaning, well, just deciding how to throw away all the waste that has emerged takes away most of your day.

So a million-dollar question emerges. How do you deal with your garbage in a way that is efficient, time-saving, and correct? While there isn’t a magical answer to this, there are a few tips and tricks you can explore, in order to make this part of your routine easier to deal with.

  1. Learn To Correctly Separate Your Wastes

The first step to having better waste management practices is to learn how to separate your wastes correctly. Waste can be broadly categorized into wet and dry, but you can further divide them into – compostable waste, which basically includes all kinds of food wastes and other organic materials; biodegradable waste like glass, cloth, etc which aren’t organic but still biodegradable; electronic waste which includes old batteries, phone parts, devices, etc, which require special disposal and more. When you do so, waste management becomes infinitely easier since you now have a clear idea of what is what, and how to treat which. You can bag each category up separately, and inform the same to your garbage collectors as well if required. Improper waste disposal is also a leading reason behind why the earth is suffering since e-waste toxicity and hazardous biological materials are being thrown into lands and water systems.

  1. Measure and Track Your Waste

In today’s day and age, where the world is struggling with adequate waste management, measuring and correctly tracking your waste is crucial. Take a quick visual assessment of how much garbage you’re producing in a day. The easiest way to do so is to take a standard-sized garbage bag and judge how many of them get filled up in a day. Tracking the amount of waste you produce allows you to become conscious of how much wastage you’re generating in a day, and you consequently begin finding out ways to cut back. Not only is this great for the environment, but it’ll also make garbage disposal much more efficient and convenient, where instead of having to go multiple times a day, you can reduce your trips to twice or even once.

  1. Employ Specialised Garbage Disposal Companies

If you want a lot of expertise and wish to truly maximize the efficiency with which you dispose of your garbage, then a great idea is to take the help of Hammock companies. Like the name already suggests, these organizations specialize in waste disposal for households, offices, and corporations, as well as electronic waste and green waste. Employing such organizations can make your work much easier. In fact, you’ll hardly have to do much. They’ll take care of all your garbage and waste disposal needs, in exchange for a monthly or one-time fee. If you’re moving homes, then you can employ them to take care of your waste needs as well. Finding such companies is no longer a hassle, as they’re generally present in all cities and even towns.

  1. Practice Recycling 

One of the best ways to control, manage, and streamline waste production is to practice recycling. Recycling basically means finding new uses for an already-used, or secondary product. There are some excellent ways you can utilize old objects in your everyday life. For instance, using old jars as planters or using them as holders to store cutlery or writing instruments is an age-old activity that many have indulged in. Similarly, using plastic bags multiple times is another trusted method of reducing further consumption and keeping harmful, non-biodegradable materials as far away from landfills as possible. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. A lot of recycling is dependent on your imagination and how well of a fixer-upper you are. So don’t be afraid to be adventurous when it comes to recycling. You can always consult videos and guides online for ideas.

  1. Be Conscious Of Your Choices

You might not believe this, but garbage disposal is only the latter half of the process. Waste production begins right at the time you actually buy the product because now you already have in your hands a package or a box that is going to make its way into the trash. So it’s important to be conscious of the product choices you make when you’re shopping. For instance, instead of buying pre-packaged produce, opt for fresh produce from the farmer’s market. Withhold from buying products in non-biodegradable packaging as much as possible. Instead, opt for products or variations of the product that come in cardboard or glass packages. Such decisions right at the roots will make waste disposal and management easier for you, further down the chain.

At the end of the day, waste management for the common person like you and me is a learning process. While it is of the most important in this day and age, it also isn’t a one-day thing. The best way to make a difference is to take consistent steps, day after day, and follow best practices. You can always take it a step further, and employ the services of waste management and disposal companies to better your garbage removal methods, or for those days when you need an extra helping hand. It is also important to always keep learning so that you can continue to make more educated choices.