Rubbish removal is a general term to mean any waste clearance activity carried out by a professional rubbish removal company.

Usually, the services offered by clearance companies are usually similar but some differences in scope and techniques used differ quite a bit.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the key factors that influence the price of waste clearance and give expert suggestions on some estimated figures for you to work with.

In order to get a genuine price, we recommend speaking to a waste collection company like Enfield Rubbish Removals and get an official quote with specific service costs.

It is important that the waste removal company you engage with is as transparent as possible when it comes to its prices.

Ask for a quote before committing to any service or better still ask around for reputable companies like ours to start off your clearance project without any hiccups.

So, let’s have a look at the cost of rubbish removal.

The overall cost of removing and disposing of your waste will depend on certain internal and external factors regarding your waste.

The Amount of Waste Being Collected.

The less junk you need to be removed, obviously, the lower the cost will be.

However, the more rubbish you need to be cleared, the more work the rubbish disposal team puts in, and the price shoots up.

If you need more hands on deck, you will probably receive a higher quote for the service.

Pro Tip: Decluttering regularly will help reduce the cost of your rubbish removal service and help you become a clutter-free guru!

The Waste Disposal Method. 

Not all waste is disposed of in the same fashion. Some items have to be disposed of in a specific way and this results in varying costs.

Hazardous waste, for example, cannot usually be taken to your local recycling centre. This means that the rubbish removal service you hire will need to take this waste to the appropriate facility.

As a result, you may have to pay more for your waste clearance depending on the type of waste you need to be disposed of.

The Collection Schedule. 

  • Same-Day rubbish removal cost.

If you are in need of a fast, flexible and cost-effective rubbish removal service, then hiring a company with a ‘man and a van’ clearance service style is best.

At Enfield Rubbish Removals we offer this service for rapid removals and we often operate on the very same day that you book a removal with us.

Most companies will charge a call-out charge for a same day clearance service and send a team to assess the property and the scope of the collection.

In addition to the call-out fee, most rubbish removal companies will charge per cubic yard of rubbish that needs to be removed.

  • Scheduled rubbish removal cost.

When you need to clear a large haul of rubbish, that is, the size of a skip bin amount of rubbish, then you need to schedule the clearance service and allow the company to plan the process.

Since the process may involve the use of large equipment and labour, then working out a plan with a reputable rubbish removal company is best.

If you want to work out your rubbish clearance on your own, then we recommend hiring a skip for your bulk waste.

The Method of Collection.

  • Using a Skip.

Skips are usually hired for a period, and the most affordable 8-yard builder’s skips can cost you quite an affordable amount for a couple of days.

However, the longer you need to hire the skip, the more expensive this service costs.

For a residential waste removal job, we do not recommend hiring a skip. It is just not cost-efficient.

Not to mention, you have to purchase a skip bag for the service and depending on the type of waste you are having collected, you may not be able to reuse your skip bag.

Instead, we offer this service for those who need waste removal for a long term project such as a home renovation or extension.

If you opt to use the services of a skip on the street, consider the following before hiring this service.

There are often many additional costs involved with skip hire, such as:

  1. Skips must be licensed before it is placed on the road.
  2. Only private skip hire companies can have a skip on the road.
  3. A skip must be marked with the company name and telephone number.
  4. The skip must be sufficiently lit overnight.
  5. A skip on the street must be in a safe and suitable condition.
  6. The skip hire company must be a licensed waste removal company.

All these requirements must be met by a skip hire company and they reflect on the cost provided for using a skip on the street.

  • Using Wheelie bins. 

Most wheelie bin emptying services are carried out upon scheduling and booking an appointment. This means that it will likely be on a next-day basis.

You are required to leave the bins outside to accommodate fast and efficient service and common practice is that collection is done during ordinary working hours.

Using wheelie bins for rubbish removal is usually a very affordable method and is popular in many residential areas.

If you cannot commit to a particular date for your rubbish removal needs, and you need a customized wheelie bin service, then we’ve got you covered.

Enfield Rubbish Removals offer a private home wheelie bin collection service, to cater for those who need a more flexible schedule for their home waste collection.

The Items Being Collected. 

Bulky or heavy items are awkward to move and you will probably be charged extra for these items. Moving a couch is more cumbersome than moving one or two bags of rubbish.

The weight of items will also be a cost consideration for most companies dealing with waste clearance. Keep this in mind as you contract a rubbish clearance company for waste removal in Enfield.


While weighing your options and looking for a rubbish removal service that works within your budget, remember that rubbish removal should not be subject to compromise.

Hire a reputable waste management company that is authorised and licenced to carry out professional rubbish removal in Enfield.

Are you in need of same-day removal services? Contact Enfield Rubbish Removals on  and schedule an appointment with our team for a fast and easy rubbish removal service within the day.