If your brand is just entering the marketplace, or wants to begin exploring digital marketing, it’s crucial to team up with an agency with a solid reputation as a Facebook Ads agency

An experienced and skilled agency that specialises in Facebook Ads can be an invaluable partner to a new brand testing the waters in a marketplace or an established brand trying to achieve a new level of customer awareness and reach new customers. 

 Power of Facebook

Facebook is by far the world’s biggest social media network with more than two and half billion users worldwide. Southeast Asia has around 250 million users making it the region’s leading social media platform. With the steady rise in smartphone use throughout the region, the reach of Facebook, and by extension, Facebook Ads, will only grow. 

The power of Facebook is not only in the number of users it has, but’s it’s what the platform can offer to advertisers. Facebook has been accumulating data about its users from day one, their ages, genders, regional likes and dislikes, buying habits overall and seasonally, preferences by age group, and much more. 

All of this data is available for use by brands using the Facebook ads platform, and a Facebook Ads agency is highly skilled in accessing this data and applying it to your brand’s name, message, products and services.  

 Working with a Facebook Ads Agency

Although anyone that sets up an account can access the data available on Facebook, a Facebook Ads agency makes the use of that data both an art and a science that translate into increased sales and greater exposure for your brand name.  

Bringing a third party into your brand’s marketing activities gives you a fresh perspective from an experienced and knowledgeable team of talented digital marketers who have been working in the Asian marketplace for years. 

These agencies also have other sources of data they combine with the Facebook data to provide you with the most in-depth and complete marketing strategy. 

The most in-demand Facebook Ads agencies are also full-service agencies. Once you’ve approved the marketing strategy they’ve helped you devise, they have teams of people who create the graphics and content of the ads, place the ads on relevant Facebook channels. Then, they monitor the campaigns, make adjustments when necessary, and create periodic reports that graphically illustrate the results of the campaigns.  

But these full-service Facebook Ads agencies will also maintain your website. You need to create ads that send potential customers to a destination so they can increase your conversion rate. The obvious destination is your brand’s website. But the site has to be in top operational order to handle the amount of traffic generated by the multiple ad campaigns, and these talented agencies can ensure that it is. 

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