First impressions are everything when it comes to your business. No matter how your business may function on the inside, if your business is not looking top notch on the outside, it could deter potential customers and not give your business the best start.

Imagine that a client pulls up outside your shop or your office and they arrive in a litter infested car park and a shabby exterior, their first impression will not be the best and will give them a bad impression for what it would be like to work with you and your company. 

Did you know a staggering 95% of shoppers have said that they make their choice on where to shop based on how the shop looks from the front!. Due to stats like this one, we want to make sure you are making the most of your shop front, enticing customers and are making the best experience for your clients. 


If you have a messy, cluttered or dirty exterior, this will instantly put off any potential walk in business. Having dirty windows or a cluttered window display can make you look careless and neglectful, which are two qualities that people will look to avoid in a business. 

First, things, first, window cleaning! Having a clean exterior is imperative as we have mentioned above. Domestic window cleaners can help you clean your exterior at any height, so if you have an extremely tall office building, this will not be an issue. Simply cleaning your windows will create a sparkling exterior which will instantly increase your businesses curb appeal. 

Three Dimensional Shopfront

Think about it! How often do you walk towards a shop front on? You usually come from the left or the right which is why a three dimensional shopfront is imperative. You can achieve this in a number of ways from digital displays, light features, graphics and much more that will attract the eye towards your shopfront. 

Making An Entrance

Most shops and offices have a simple door to enter your business, this is okay, however, is it very standard. Creating an elaborate feature entrance will create something to remember for your clients. You could create a flower arch, a portal style entrance, add a pop of colour or even have a member of staff inside the door offering drinks. It could be anything that will make your business stand out from the crowd. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box. 

Seasonal Window Displays 

Window displays are crucial to a shopfront and they should be updated for all festivities. Seasonal displays show that you have great attention to detail and show that you keep up to date on the changing seasons! We would always suggest not going off topic, keep the display seasons but correlating to your product. 


Well designed signage is very important, not only does it show off your business name and your branding but if designed well, it could attract more customers. A well designed sign will be well lit, clear and will grab the attention of the target audience. Digital signs are better for crowded areas as they can stand out more. 


Lighting is a detail that cannot be missed out. You need to make sure the lights are arranged to attract customers to your gorgeous displays but you also need to ensure that that are comfortable for your customers and are not too bright. You should of course install lighting in the shopfront and make it visible for the evening too. 


Our last piece of advice would be to avoid clutter, I know we mentioned this before, however, it is important. You need your shopfront to look organised as if it is not this will deter customers and leave a tarnish on your brand. You need to be oragnised from the inside out. This also means planning effortless navigation in store too. 

Even though online retail is growing more and more everyday, physical stores are still holding their place on the highstreets. Especially after lockdown, people are enjoying going to physical stores now more than ever. Our tips above will keep your store front looking up to date and will help to give your customers an experience they will remember. 

Alex Lamber is a marketing expert at Seers Group. If you find yourself searching online for render cleaning cardiff Seers Group can help keep your shop front or office looking in tip top condition to attract the clients you need.