Artists and creatives alike face many challenges every day. Though they might seem like the end of the world at the time, what doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger.

To help you get through these times, here are 5 creative obstacles you will probably have to overcome as an artist, but will actually help you to become a better artist.

  1. Finding the right inspiration

Sometimes it can feel impossible to get the right inspiration. Inspiration for artwork naturally ebbs and flows, and sometimes it feels like the tide as completely gone back out to sea!

When you cannot find the right inspiration, it might be a sign of art block, or creative block. It happens to us all! You might feel like you have run out of ideas of things to paint or draw.

However, art block most commonly happens when you are mentally or physically exhausted. Taking breaks (without feeling guilty!) can help you to recharge your batteries, and ultimately become a better artist.

  1. Trusting in yourself

Even if you have doubts, you are the face of your brand, and so clients will want to see that you trust in your own work and abilities. If you are always downgrading your work, then prospective buyers are sure to have doubts too.

Of course, building trust in yourself as a beginner can be a hard process, so you might find that it is easier to fake it ‘til you make it. Psych yourself up before important client meetings and don’t let any criticism go to heart – remember you are good enough.

  1. Figuring out your target audience

 Working out who your target audience is can be difficult. We all have dreams of being picked up by a world-famous collector or gallery like Charles Saatchi and catching our big break. However, these things come with time, so it is better to depend on a more achievable business model.

Take on as much feedback as you can, especially in the formative years of selling your artwork. Also prepare yourself for getting no replies – this doesn’t mean you aren’t talented enough, and your talent and success is not solely measured on the money you make.

  1. Continuously developing your talent

Being an artist is just like riding a bike, right? You don’t have to practice all the time to be able to remember how to do it. Whilst this might be true on some levels, failing to continuously develop and nurture your talent can lead to you feeling like a beginner all over again.

Trust in your talent and abilities, but make sure to keep on practicing what you love. This will allow you to keep on advancing until you cannot advance any more.

  1. Restrictive constraints

It goes without saying that constraints that are too restrictive can come in the way of the creative process. However, learning how to stay within the given guidelines whilst still expressing your artistic flair can truly help you to become a better artist.

And there you have it – 5 creative obstacles you’ll (probably) have to overcome in order to be a better artist. Just remember to trust in yourself and your talent, and you are sure to go far.