Creator of the WORLDofGAMES (WoG) project and NFT expert Leo Paddini, recently announced the upcoming sales of an NFT collection, which is story-based. This sci-fi-themed new collection tells a tale about travelers in time and space who play board games with inhabitants of parallel realities and different worlds to understand their way of thinking.

The incredible WoG collection gives collectors, fans, and investors of story-driven NFTs a beneficial deal as one of the continuously growing digital assets, particularly human-made rare, unique, ‘star’ or even computer-randomly generated collectibles. The collection comes in a complete set of 10,022 NFTs integrated into one big story. It is represented by written-and-illustrated episodes of Leo Paddini’s Incredible Travel.

Art director of the WoG project, Ann Fokina, said: “It’s no accident that the title hero was named after the WoG project producer’s creative pseudonym. It’s a symbolic quality label of the product that we offer.”

WoG collection features and benefits:

  1. The storyline includes historical events and also scientific facts on the fractal universe.
  2. This collection is a collaboration of fictional narrative and fine art.
  3. The illustrations are similar to those in Marvel comics.
  4. Customers can enter the WoG Club for Our People and even win the right to become a co-author of an upcoming comic book with the WoG heroes after purchasing any quantity of WoG collectibles.
  5. The WoG Project Twitter subscribers get the chance to win in the Weekly Prize Draw.

Social mission

The WoG project aims to help children suffering from various serious diseases and in urgent need of treatment. Part of the proceeds from the sale of collectibles will be donated to charity.

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Leo Paddini’s Incredible Travel

An NFT-Novelette in 10,022 pieces