Pedestrian barriers play a role of importance in a variety of potentially hazardous settings. Barrier systems are established and maintained to keep pedestrians out of harm’s way, or to direct foot traffic where crowds may become an issue.

While it’s true to say that metal pedestrian barriers have their points of appeal, plastic barriers are fast becoming a more popular alternative. Steel and plastic pedestrian barriers are exceptionally stable, can be arranged in almost any configuration and there are cost-effective options available to suit all budgets.

There are advantages to plastic pedestrian barriers that make them a more appealing purchase for many everyday applications. It is always worth considering the various options available, but these are just a few of the reasons why plastic pedestrian barriers are the most popular option:

High Visibility

Firstly, plastic pedestrian barriers are advantageous in that they are manufactured in a variety of bright, bold and highly visible colours. This makes them a safer choice when visibility is poor, or when it is preferable for the barriers to be seen from a distance.


Particularly where construction sites and more general work sites are concerned, it is a good idea to limit the presence of anything that may conduct electricity.  Plastic pedestrian barriers are therefore a much safer option, given the fact that they contain no conducting materials whatsoever. In the event of an accident involving electricity, it need not pose a risk to those touching or in close proximity to the barriers.

No Scrap Value 

Plastic barriers have no scrap value, making them a less attractive target for thieves. It is not uncommon for various types of metallic barriers and related components to be stolen and sold to make a quick profit. Even if the scrap value of the metal is relatively low, it could still be enough to encourage opportunist criminals to steal them.

Made from Recycled Materials 

Some of the better plastic pedestrian barriers available today are manufactured from recycled materials. They are significantly more energy efficient to manufacture in the first place and have a lower overall carbon footprint than comparable metallic pedestrian barriers. Doing your bit for the environment is as simple as ensuring the plastic barriers you buy are made from recycled plastic.

Can be Recycled 

Likewise, most plastic barriers can also be recycled when they are no longer needed. The lifespan of a quality plastic barrier is more or less indefinite, however, with little to no maintenance required along the way. Still, if anything untoward occurs, at least you know you can recycle your plastic barriers responsibly.


Last but not least, plastic barriers have the advantage of being lightweight to carry with ease yet durable enough to get the job done. There are also water-filled barrier options available, which can be as light or heavy as you need them to be, in accordance with your requirements at the time.

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