Have you ever heard about Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov?

If you have not had an opportunity to meet this successful Russian entrepreneur and investor, here is your chance. The businessman is known for the way he transformed one of his firms, VALTEC, into a top-rated plumbing and sanitary company. He is a famous owner of a few prosperous and rapidly developing companies and one of the most influential heating, plumbing, and sanitary innovators in Russia. In general, Pavel Melnikov is an excellent example to follow when it comes to starting a business and running a successful company. Are you ready to become of the most prominent world entrepreneurs? Check out critical steps to success.


A technological educational background helped Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov acknowledge the circumstances and leading tendencies in the Russian sanitary market and notice a valuable engineering plumbing opportunity.

Initially, he started creating different sanitary goods and plumbing equipment, which was exceptionally needed In Russia in the early 90s and rapidly started his own business project known asVALTEC. It is currently one of the most recognizable plumbing brands in the Russian Federation, with some items holding around a 30% share of the whole Russian market.

What is more, in the year 2009, Pavel Melnikov founded another company, called NovaTerm LLC, that participated in importing radiators from Italy, as it was another demanded on the local market.

It is evident that keeping up with the market trends and tendencies is essential when it comes to building a business that is destined to succeed.


Talking about the success of any business, it is indispensable to mention a sound business strategy that corresponds to the target market conditions but is still flexible and open for changes the moment new business opportunities pop up on the horizon.

A perfect business strategy should be centered around the core values of the company, its product or service development, and the target customers, evolving with modifications in the market. Make an effort to include and assess different strategic options that may potentially provide a better and faster development of your business.

Thoughtfully formulated Pavel Melnikov’s business strategy helped him become the owner and a founder of numerous profitable Russian companies, including Vesta Regions LLC, Energoresurs LLC, Luch LLC, BIS No. 1, and several others.


Innovating your services and/or goods and modifying your offer are crucial for the constant growth of your company. Finding alternative ways to use the existing items, designing new and exclusive products, and enriching your current assortment with cheaper niche goods may help you keep existing and attract new clients. In fact, it is right what Pavel Eduardovich Melnikov has been into since his first day in the entrepreneurial world. His desire to invest such valuable resources as time, money, and effort into continually developing innovations and stepping up his market helped him become one of the most successful entrepreneurs. Pavel Melnikov has over a hundred plumbing and sanitary patents, world-known trademarks, including TENRAD, MINKOR, BRIXIS, and VALTEC. His achievements would be impossible without his clear understanding of the significance of market innovations, variety, and customization. Apart from a significant contribution he makes to the development of the brand, it is inevitable to emphasize the positive impact he has on other businessmen. Pavel grants non-exclusive rights, which means his trademark can be used by others. Moreover, recently he started leasing commercial property he owns, including office and retail companies in Saint Petersburg.


Striving to promote your business to a completely new level and transform an SME into a successful company, it is indispensable to analyze the market and acknowledge what is in demand. Additionally, it is inevitable to create a business plan that includes the key strategies and tactics that will help your business flourish, stay up-to-date, and highly demanded. 

Pavel Melnikov has succeeded with all these aspects, and not his story can inspire and motivate ambitious entrepreneurs who strive to start a profitable and influential enterprise.