New Year’s Resolutions are a brilliant way to motivate yourself for the coming year and hold yourself accountable when you try to back out. If you need that extra push to start on home improvements, here are 5 things that you should add to your New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Create a home office

With most of the UK working remotely at least some of the time over the past year, it has been a big struggle to adapt to what might be the ‘new normal’. One thing that working from home has highlighted is that we must make sure to have a good work-life balance.

This can be incredibly hard when the place that you work is also the space in which you are expected to relax or even sleep. In time, this can take a toll on your mental health. To reduce the stress from virtual working, create a home office so that you can metaphorically and physically separate your work life from your home.

  1. Board your loft

Did you know that boarding your loft can increase your floor space by up to 50%? As well as reducing your heat loss, and therefore your energy bills, and adding value to your home, loft boarding can create an excellent storage space.

If, like the majority of Brits, you decided to have a clear out during lockdown, you might have reorganised your house and realised that you don’t have the storage space. With the award winning loft boarding service from Instaloft, you can finally have a space to store your summer wardrobe.

  1. Home gym

Sadly, gyms have had to close again during the latest series of lockdown measures. But, if you have fitness goals on your New Year’s resolutions list, fear not! Why not take the opportunity to build a home gym. You can start with a few freestanding weights and start to build up your collection as you become more confident. Don’t let your goal out of sight!

  1. Do up your garden

How about you start thinking about doing up your garden. You could go for a complete garden overhaul or invest in some beautiful plants. Whatever you choose to do can make a massive impact to the aesthetics and the feel of your property.

Especially in a time where going outside in public is limited to once a day, improving your garden can mean that you have a safe outdoor space for you to relax in or gaze at after work.

  1. All those little things you’ve been putting off

We are all guilty of leaving little odd jobs under the guise that we will eventually get round to it. That is hardly ever the case! Whilst you are at home, take the time to fill in those cracks that you have been putting off, or paint the wall that you have been meaning to do. As part of your New Year’s Resolutions, promise to look after your house, make your home improvements, and give your property some TLC.