I’m tired and I’m angry as we all are. We want an end to this and we want an end now. We’ve stayed at home and kept our gyms, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, theatres and concert venues closed. Participation in sport has been nonexistent apart from at professional level but even that is infuriating as we have to look at physios and officials wearing masks during the game! And the worst, worst thing of all is watching our children slide into X Box culture, uninterested and perhaps terrifyingly developing settee and screen addictions where they would once be playing out with their friends. That last part for me is spine chilling.

We’ve toed the line. We haven’t thrown petrol bombs, we haven’t rioted and we haven’t marched en masse. We haven’t been disruptive because we have given the governments of the world a chance to get it right. Yet still we see no end in sight. What has made me blow my top this morning is hearing yesterday that we may face 10 years imprisonment for lying about where we’ve entered the country from and that it is still too early to say whether we can book a holiday abroad this summer or not. Why the hell can I not go abroad this summer? There’s practically zero danger to my health in doing so! I want to go abroad, as we all do. I want a holiday. I’ve done nothing but work my balls off since August 2019 without ever more than 4 consecutive days off and I’m tired. I want to lie in the sun and sleep. In fact, as I write this I should be in Thailand right now sunning myself on my holidays but I’m not and I’m angry that I’m not.

The reason I’m not is because if I do, I may risk overwhelming the NHS with a shortage of hospital beds. I could infect a lot of people with Covid 19, a disease with a 99.6% survival rate. A disease that targets those who are vulnerable, those who are at risk, those who may not survive if they catch it because Big Pharma didn’t have a vaccine ready in time to catch it at the start. If too many people catch this disease, the hospitals will be overwhelmed.

At current time of writing, in the UK there have been 115,000 deaths in the UK down to Covid. Unfortunately we don’t know the true Covid deaths because people who have really died because of another illness are being marked down as Covid deaths. I’ve heard this at source, you’ll have to take my word for it.

In the UK each year there are 876,000 hospital admissions where obesity is the primary or secondary cause.

There are 30,000 obesity related deaths in the UK each year.

There are 78,000 smoking related deaths in the UK each year.

There are 7,500 alcohol related deaths in the UK each year.

The above stats are where the hospital beds are being taken. It is those lifestyle choices that are the burden on the NHS. Children playing football on a Saturday morning is but “dust” compared to the impact from obese, middle aged people who make constant trips to the shops to top up with cigarettes, beer and chocolate.

The fit and healthy amongst us and our children’s lives are being seriously damaged because the unhealthy are allowed to continue to destroy themselves.

Why should I be prevented from going on holiday, to the match, to the pub and to the gym because some Thursday night doorstep clapper with a fag in his mouth might get Covid? I’ve played the game my entire life! I don’t know what the inside of a hospital looks like, nor a doctor’s surgery. All I do is GIVE to the NHS with my taxes. I TAKE nothing. In fact, what I do take is patients away from them in my job as a health and fitness coach – but guess what? I’m not even a key worker! Me training people and making their health mentally and physically better is considered dangerous!

The person selling cigarettes, booze, chocolate and lottery tickets in the off licence however, is considered vital to keeping our nation going! It’s utterly mind blowing!

Furthermore, what we aren’t hearing about is the tragic impact this is having on our mental health. Suicides are through the roof. That information is being swept under the carpet but talk to those who are discovering the bodies and you’ll find out it is a problem worse than ever before. Young people are taking their own lives, especially men!

The impact of this draconian approach to solving the problem is going to be staggering.

We cannot continue this approach. We cannot live in fear of this happening again because there will be revolt if there is. That’s not me stirring the wasps’ nest either. Read Darwin and you’ll understand how evolution works – the young fit and healthy will procreate in order to continue the human race. They will not sit at home to protect the old and dying. It will happen. Nature trumps everything. Everything! Nobody can control nature!

So what’s the solution then? The solution has been staring us in the face since day one but not once has anything ever been done about it! The solution is we reduce the number of vulnerable people!

Let me draw you back to the figure of 876,000 obesity related hospital admissions last year. That is the answer! What is the problem in preventing a T2 diabetic from purchasing toxic, ultra processed, poisonous filth? What is the problem in banning cigarettes? What is the problem with banning Just Eat from airing their disgusting instruction for life?

Free will! Free will! I hear the addicts scream this! The fit and healthy among us have had our free will take from us a year ago. I can’t race my bike but you can exacerbate your health condition? The kids can’t go to school but you can smoke yourself to death! Who gives a rat’s ass about your free will?

Here’s the golden nugget though – if the sick through lifestyle had their drugs taken away and they got healthier, they would be a damn site happier and not have the need to destroy themselves with pleasure seeking activities. They would be happier, we would all be happier. Everything in the world would be better!

In the whole of the last year not one single government has had the balls to address this issue. There has not been one single radio announcement saying “Look after yourself”, just threats saying stay at home.

Enough! Enough of trying to push back the tide. Make your people fit, healthy and happy instead of fiddling while Rome burns around you.

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