When you buy an engagement ring, you spend hours upon hours researching the attributes of diamonds, prioritizing their importance, searching for the right match for your budget and finally, buying the perfect stone. It’s not like every person walking down the street is going to be able to spot the difference between a VVS1 and a VVS2, but it’s important to us nonetheless that each element of the diamond is exactly what we’re looking for. So how come we don’t put as much care into picking out other jewelry? It’s time to start making custom diamond stud earrings and diamond pendants.

The question may have been asked rhetorically, but it has an answer – why don’t we pick the diamonds of our earring or pendant pieces? It’s because more jewelry stores don’t give us the option. When you buy diamond stud earring, you usually just pick the carat weight and call it a day. But not anymore.

Online diamond and jewelry retailers like Ritani have started offering the option to pick your own stones, and they do it at an amazing price. Let’s start with how to design your own pendant:

Design Your Own Diamond Pendant with Ritani

You start by choosing your setting. Ritani offers eight different setting types, each holding diamonds with different shapes or containing different metals. You can choose anything from a Princess Four-Prong Solitaire Pendant Basket in White Gold to a Platinum Heart Shaped Pendant Basket.

Once you have the setting, it’s time to pick the stone. You will automatically be taken to a page with every diamond that will fit in your setting selection, and then it’s time to narrow it down. Ritani is great because they allow you to filter through diamond selections the same way they would if you were buying a loose diamond or engagement ring.

You can choose to scroll through the thousands of diamond options sorting by cost or the best values. Or you can narrow the search down as specifically as you’d like. Do you want a diamond between 1.5 and 2 carats, near colorless, very good cut with a clarity ranging between VS1 and VVS1? Even a search as specific as that garners 60 results in Ritani’s collection.

Once you have your diamond selected, you simply review your order, see an image of what your pendant will look like and check out! Free shipping makes it as easy as ever to select the perfectly personalized pendant for your loved one.

Design Your Own Earrings with Ritani

So, a pendant is pretty easy, but what about earrings? How do you pick two diamonds without ending up with a potentially very unsymmetrical look? Ritani has that covered as well.

Just like pendants, Design Your Own Earrings starts with selecting your settings. Earrings provide slightly more options ranging from Round Three Prong Martini Earring Baskets to Princess Four Prong Earring Baskets. Again, you have your selection of metals including white gold, yellow gold and platinum.

After selecting the setting, you move onto pick your first of two diamonds. Again, you can filter these out just like Pendants, meaning you have all the customizability to select any diamond from the inventory of tens of thousands. After picking the first diamond, Ritani runs an algorithm that sorts all of their stones to find the absolute closest match possible. This way, you guarantee getting a pair of earrings with the stone quality you want, but without having to do the search all over again.

And then it’s as easy as checking out and waiting for those beautiful new earrings to arrive on your doorstep.

We spend so much time picking out the perfect diamonds for engagement rings, so why don’t we put a little more effort into the rest of the diamond jewelry we’re buying? With Ritani’s new Design Your Own series, the power is in our hands.