Marketing nowadays must be fluid and fluctuating, quickly adaptable to different situations. PM WorldWide Marketing Agency supports you both in the definition of promotional activities and in the analysis phase, devising with you the best systems to understand and analyze market trends. The agency proffers integrated projects for various market sectors and public bodies.

As part of the Internet marketing strategy, the customer is offered for consideration such digital promotion tools as: websites and landing pages, content marketing, SEO, SMM, e-mail marketing, online advertising, public relations and much more. It is essential to identify the best platform, to ensure that this dialogue becomes more profitable for companies and interesting for the people who will create interactions with them. There are many dynamic factors that need to be taken into account for proper optimization, which makes this work extremely difficult for website owners and ordinary users. Therefore, site optimization activities should be trusted by a PM Worldwide professional who know the many subtleties of optimization processes.

PM Worldwide will help you as well create a meaningful, thoughtful and understandable brand based on your business realities. The agency creates brands from scratch and update existing ones: they conduct market analysis, develop a brand strategy and its positioning, naming, corporate identity and packaging design, build a system of integrated brand communications. Increasing the level of consumer loyalty, reducing the cost of advertising campaigns, giving the product added value, creating a positive image of the company –– this full-cycle branding agency solves both the listed and other tasks.

PM Worldwide marketing audit and strategy development

In order to timely identify the shortcomings and problems existing in the functioning of companies, it is necessary to conduct a study of marketing activities. Marketing audit is a systematic exercise, a critical and objective study of the functioning of an organization. Marketing audit provided by PM Worldwide Marketing Agency includes but not limited to:

  • Description of the target audience of the project (socio-demographic portrait, consumer behavior, insights);
  • Sales analysis (ABC analysis and analysis of buying activity);
  • Research of the current guest base (relevance and statistics, cohort analysis);
  • Competitive analysis (finding a free niche, benchmarking, positioning map);
  • Studying the current communication channels (identifying the strengths and weaknesses of promotion);
  • Creating a strategy of interaction with consumers!

The analysts and consultants “from outside” work out the problem more deeply, their conclusions are objective and impartial, they also carry out a selection of effective recommendations for the area with which they worked. The difference between external marketing audit lies in the integrated approach of expert analysts to the development of an organization’s marketing strategy, development of opportunities to consolidate the company’s position in the market.

The advantages of PM Worldwide independent audit include the breadth of coverage (all the main directions of the organization’s marketing are considered, which helps to identify problems), consistency (an orderly study of the micro- and macro-marketing situation of the company), independence (specialist consultants are distinguished by objectivity and a highly professional approach, which is further stimulated by a high wages), risk reduction (the possibility of errors related to the incompetence of employees is minimized).