How to Best Utilize Your Flyer Printing Budget In Singapore? 1

Flyers are helpful when you want to run a business promotional activity. So, you must know to budget it effectively before buying them in bulk in Singapore.

One of the senior flyer graphic designers at the Express Print commented, “You must know which type of flyers you want. They can have extremely colorful designs or very basic ones. The colorful ones have higher charges than the basic structured ones. Also, the flyers’ bulk order matters a lot in really estimating the overall cost of each flyer. So, as a business owner or person, your order quantity should be optimized. For this, you can consult our customer executives first. They are better at helping our clients decide the perfect quantity to be ordered for flyers.”

“Have a set budget in mind. If you are clueless, ask around. Take reference from your business friends or colleagues who use flyers regularly for their promotional activity. This way, even you can negotiate better terms with the flyer printing service providers. And then, no one would be able to misunderstand the reason behind the final costing decided for the order you put on our website.” This was a realistic comment on managing one’s budget before choosing the flyer printing service in Singapore. It was left by the senior director at the Express Print.

Digital flyer printing service is much better if you want to optimize your cost. The conventional method requires a lot of plates to use enough color combinations in real life. That’s not at all needed when digitized printers or machines are used for flyer printing orders. This is one way to save your increasing expenses on the business promotional activities using modern and aesthetic flyers.

“Another factor in deciding on the pricing would be the date or time of delivery. The urgent deliveries of digitally printed flyers can be charged extra. However, if you wait for the standard delivery period to let our graphic designers and manufacturers complete the order, it wouldn’t be anything that you can hold responsible for paying.” This was another tip of saving the budget for flyers printing service in Singapore by another designer working at Express Print.


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