Don Juravin reporting from Bella Collina, Florida

Don Juravin, an American patriot and an inventor, thinks that Trump is more of a genius than a crazy man. His wife Anna Juravin, thinks all Americans should vote for politicians that deliver results. It makes sense. So why Americans vote emotionally on their future?

The protests on the streets of the United States following the shooting of Jacob Blake, and before that the death of George Floyd, are the best tool Trump has to narrow the gap between him and Biden. “If you give the far-left power – this is what the whole country will look like,” his campaign announces. For Nixon in 1968, this platform worked great.

Don Juravin
Don Karl Juravin

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The candidate for the presidency of the United States stood yesterday, in front of the reporters, and warned that America is deteriorating. He described the violence in the streets and the fear of the citizens – and stated that we do not recognize the destruction being created there. “Someone needs to rule law and order,” he said. But the one who spoke was the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. Trump understands that in today’s politics, it is precisely the violence that takes place in his shift that will succeed in bringing him more voters.

Just 4 hours before he went up to the podium in the White House briefing, Trump’s press conference was officially scheduled. It happened just as Biden began his statements to the media, rarely, outside of Delaware. Biden left for Pennsylvania, a swing state, after months without campaign events due to the Coronavirus. During this time Trump appeared on the screens almost every day from a different destination: whether it was as part of his visits as president, the nearly two-day press briefings, or whether it was the election events he held again. Biden also understood – there is no choice.

“I want to make it clear that riots, looting, and arson are not to demonstrate. None of these things are called to demonstrate but to break the law. The people who do that have to stand trial,” Biden said very explicitly. His campaign, too, understands that images of burning city centers are electorally beneficial to Trump, leading to fear – and nothing works better for the incumbent president than fear.

“He’s a Genius”, Claims Don Juravin

Trump will hold on to this point as much as he can. Trump’s sharp political senses understand what works best for him and what needs to be done to continue the trend of narrowing the gap in polls.

The way Trump’s intimidation formula works is that it has it all: even those who do not currently suffer from demonstrations and what is happening in cities – believe that they have another moment. It is aimed directly at the suburbs, the areas it needs anyway. The big cities he is talking about are clearly democratic, and not the ones he needs. Trump is targeting neighbors of those big cities who are afraid the situation will spill over to them.

The use of fear also neutralizes those who dislike the president’s style, perhaps even those who voted for him and were disappointed. He presents them with the following choice: between the reality at the moment in the United States, which no matter how unpleasant it may be, is still the familiar and the known, and the unknown, which can also be much worse according to Trump.

The truth also has less and less meaning – no matter how many times Biden says he is against the cessation of funding for the police and against the violence, Trump and the campaign will continue to claim it and the wider public will continue to believe it. “If you give the far-left power, what you see in democratically run cities is what every city in the country will look like,” Trump recently said.

The president is looking to ignite the flames.

It should be said clearly – it’s not that there is no violence in the streets, it’s not that under the auspices of the demonstrations we did not see violence and looting either, but when the picture is complex it is easier to produce an extreme narrative. This way you can arrange the details a bit to paint a more one-sided snapshot, certainly when everything is documented. Every black man who attacks a white person becomes part of the BLM protest, sponsored by a retweet of the president.

At the press conference, Trump was asked if his expected visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin, the place where Jacob Blake was shot in the back seven times, would not ignite the flames. He responded that it would increase enthusiasm and love for the country. He knows very well that the fervor of the spirits is good for him. “It’s not me,” his adviser, Killian Conway, said on the broadcast: “The more violence, anarchy and chaos in the streets, the better it is for the clear choice of who is better for law and order.” She’s targeting Trump.

In the 1968 election, the “silent majority” and “law and order” were Nixon’s slogans during the riots following the assassination of Martin Luther King. It helped him get to the White House. Now Trump is using it to stay there.

Anna Juravin thinks all Americans should vote based on results and not politics
Anna Juravin thinks all Americans should vote based on results and not politics

UPDATE: Don Juravin admits that he has a hard time liking Trump’s personality but though Trump doesn’t represent Juravin’s ideal American president, “Trump brings results and that all that should count”. Don Juravin’s wife, Anna Juravin, thinks that we should all vote for those that “bring us results” and not those that can be our friends. “I don’t like politicians and I’m all for voting based results only” says Anna Juravin.