Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd has established itself as a highly successful company specialising in the provision of cutting-edge drone security solutions for civil airports.

The vulnerability of civil aircraft during takeoff and landing is widely acknowledged, particularly when encountering small objects, especially in the engine area. While aircraft are designed to withstand the impact of a limited number of small birds or other objects, unauthorised launches of large birds or metallic electronic drones near airports pose significant threats. Such incidents can cause severe damage, leading to accidents or system failures that jeopardise flight safety. Larger cargo and agricultural drones pose an even greater danger, capable of inflicting more substantial damage in the event of a collision with an aircraft.

To counter the risks associated with unauthorised drone flights near airports during takeoff and landing, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd offers state-of-the-art automated drone suppression systems. The company provides a range of solutions, including standalone options and cutting-edge technology from global leaders in the field. These systems have been successfully deployed and are currently in operation at various airports across Asia and Europe. The comprehensive solutions include interference jammers that disrupt communication between the drone operator and the drone itself, as well as GPS positioning suppression systems for drones. Furthermore, diverse systems are available for intercepting or disabling drones, ensuring their removal from the hazardous areas during takeoff and landing.

Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd is well-prepared to offer clients and partners a range of existing solutions, as well as comprehensive design services tailored to their specific needs. The company also provides support for equipment procurement, installation, system calibration, and ongoing maintenance. Each requirement is implemented professionally, taking into account practical experience in deploying similar systems, resulting in the desired system configuration. The company recommends the most reliable and efficient solutions to achieve optimal equipment performance and reliability, enabling full automatic operation with minimal operator intervention.

All solutions provided by Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd have undergone extensive testing, proving their effectiveness and practicality in the specialised equipment segment. The deployment and application of these protective counter-drone systems have become indispensable for modern large civil airports, serving as preventive measures to ensure the safety of aircraft during takeoff and landing.

A spokesperson for Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd expressed their satisfaction in considering various cooperation options, including equipment supply, procurement for countering unauthorised drone flights in aviation-sensitive areas, and engaging in joint development or modification of automatic systems. The company promptly considers and fulfills customer preferences during the design, installation, and configuration of the counter-drone system. Clients can be assured that their assigned tasks will be accomplished with maximum efficiency within the planned budgetary framework through collaborative efforts.

In the realm of drone security for civil airports, Bel Trading & Consulting Ltd stands at the forefront, providing innovative and effective solutions to safeguard the safety and integrity of aircraft operations.