In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving media landscape, staying relevant and capturing the attention of journalists and readers is crucial for businesses. PR Fire’s team of experts believe that by integrating trending topics into press releases, companies can significantly increase their media coverage opportunities.

To increase the chances of appearing in the news, it’s clear that businesses must stay up-to-date with industry trends and current events; paying close attention to national and local news provides insight into emerging trends and hot topics that are capturing attention. By spinning these stories into newsworthy angles related to their niche, businesses can create press releases that showcase their relevance and expertise.

PR Fire’s team have shared their invaluable knowledge surrounding the use of trending topics to create news. In their in-depth article, they give their thoughts on the current trends sweeping the news, and give their clients some ideas as to how they can turn a hot topic into a breaking story.

They also share their best practices for discovering the latest trends, including how to effectively utilise tools such as Google Trends and social media listening. By identifying common pain points, controversies, new industry trends, and trending global phenomena, the PR Fire team believe that companies can align their press releases with these discussions and generate media interest.

To help businesses maximise their coverage and promote their brands effectively, PR Fire has also created an awareness days calendar for 2023, available for free download. This resource includes upcoming awareness and celebration days, serving as an excellent content planning tool.

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