Sofiya Machulskaya

Do you want to become a professional business consultant? The requirements to be a business consultant like Sofiya Machulskaya are extensive but not unattainable. It is only important to know what your goal is and put all your efforts into it.

Professional integrity:

One of the most valued characteristics in the sector is professional ethics and integrity. In the world of digital marketing, there have been many sellouts, which have led to a certain mistrust that many professionals are managing to bury with their efforts.

For a good job, a business consultant must have the full trust and support of the company. Having all the necessary data, access to confidential information and freedom when making decisions, is something that you can only achieve if you demonstrate your honesty, openness and sense of justice.


One of the most important requirements to be a business consultant knows how to keep confidential company information safe. Sometimes wanting to show who you are and what your experience is can lead you to talk more than you should, in this aspect the Sofiya Machulskaya is the best example for you.

Great experience:

Although having training in strategy consulting is essential to offer your services as such, it is essential that you also have experience in the marketing sector before launching into the world of consulting.

A consultant will have contact with a large number of people of different profiles in a company (with different backgrounds, backgrounds, age) and getting respect as a professional will depend directly on your experience.

Planning ability:

No matter how many ideas and solutions you know how to come up with, if you don’t have the planning capacity taking into account the time, resources and personnel available, it will be difficult for your profile as a business consultant to be correctly assessed.

Knowing how to time tasks, knowing the human team that will be in charge of developing your strategy, their needs, tasks, knowledge and training requirements; Establishing tasks based on tactics, strategies, times, a calendar will be part of your job, and you must have the necessary skills to do it.


No matter how many ideas you have, if they are not yours, if they are not different, they will not be more than a mere copy of what others do. Therefore, your strategies will not be valued or serve to differentiate the company from the competition.

Being aware of what is coming, trends will be essential to be able to propose truly unique and differential things that position your client as unique in the market. If you want to learn more, then check Sofiya Machulskaya.


Although most business consultants are independent professionals (freelancers) who have the freedom to decide whether or not to work with a client, the truth is that from the moment a project begins, self-discipline is very important.

No one is going to tell you what to do, you are your boss, and therefore, you have to be demanding with yourself so that the company sees respect in your work.

Team management skills:

A company is a group of people, and your job is to make it work. For this reason, it is essential to know how to manage people and work teams so that your advice on the expected results.

It is useless for a consultant to come to a company, propose and apply a solution if they do not know how to train and organize workers to continue with their work as established and agreed.

Communication skills:

Beyond the importance of controlling communication through the different channels through which the company can express itself.

A business consultant must know how to address all levels of a company, both orally and in writing, to ensure that all planning is understood and applied.