Domain names are big business with many .com addresses selling for many tens of thousands of pounds, however website owners have a huge choice of alternative top-level and second-level domains from which to choose. Understandably .com domain names are highly sought after and as such they can command much higher premiums, however UK-based websites have increasingly been turning to .uk domain names. The .uk domain suffix was launched in 2014 and all rights are held by Nominet UK, however dealers have been recognising the popularity of these alternative top-level domains and as such, many of the larger dealers have a huge range for sale.

Sales of UK Domains show no signs of slowing down any time in the near future, indeed the prospect of a continued rise in demand has resulted in prices increasing. Traders are recognising that UK domain names are a worthwhile investment and while they are hardly reaching the prices which have recently been realised by some .com domain names, it is clear that prices will continue to rise for some of the more high-end names. have grown to become one of the leading domain-name traders in the UK and they have a wealth of UK domain names for sale, covering nearly every category from tourism and travel to entertainment and online gambling. Indeed, on their website you can search for the perfect domain name and even if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, the likelihood is that they can locate it for you.

The importance of a domain name relevant to your website cannot be overstated and to that end, the use of UK domain names is an excellent alternative to a .com domain. Indeed, whereas a suitable .com domain name will likely have already been snapped up or could be sale for a huge sum, you will almost certainly find a much cheaper alternative by looking at a similar UK domain name. This will in no way be an inferior domain name to a .com address, however it will give you a chance to find a domain name more relevant to your website.

UK domain names are certainly here to stay and while there has been an explosion in the number of second-level domains in recent years, the likelihood is that growth will continue for many years to come. Clearly such demand will be reflected in rising prices and with that in mind, it is important that you act now and grab yourself that perfect domain. Visit and browse through their extensive list of UK domain names – even if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, just contact them and they will either offer you some alternatives or assist you in your quest. Not only that but they will also assist in attaching your domain name to your website and advise you how to make the best use of it.