Sofiya Machulskaya

There are many ways to create an online income for yourself. Everyone has a chance to make money. Just think of yourself as an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, I have seen the ups and downs of Internet Marketing. Sometimes the results will be just promised, and sometimes they will take quite a lot of time to be launched.  Sofiya Machulskaya thinks when you do get this business model up and running you will see your very first checks in the mail.

The reason most people do nothing with their online income is this – they don’t take the time to learn how to create an income online. That’s something that you need to know. How much time you give to it will depend on how much money you put into it. I created a lot of my money during the beginning of my career. That was perfectly fine. It wasn’t until a year later that I had to quit my job to start working online full-time. If you’re ready to learn the basics of Internet Marketing before you get started I highly recommend you read my ” Online Income Secret Members Area Marketers Account ” article that I wrote. Here you’ll learn the most important elements of becoming successful online.

So who is your target market? The great failing of 95% of online marketers is that they target marketing, instead of offering a high quality product to their prospects. Sure, it may be easy to create a product, set up a payment button, and post ads on Facebook or YouTube, the real harsh reality is, your product doesn’t sell. The prospects need to be convincing and want to know how your product can help solve their problem.


You need to stop with the complicated questions say Sofiya Machulskaya. What do I sell? I’m just creating another sales pitch. OK, what do I sell ? I don’t actually know how to answer these questions. The real truth is you create a solution to the problem of your niche. The quickest way to create a product is an info product. The Internet has existed forcasts of years now, and information stored online will always be in demand. If you can deliver outstanding content the buyer will gladly purchase it.

Do a Google search for what your target market is looking for. For example, let’s say you want to market a ” lose weight ” product. A good place to look for it is In the results that come along your search results, there will be sponsored ads that are on the right.

” Lose Weight ” is a niche market. The advertisers who are paying to have their ads on the right will only pay when someone actually clicks on their ad to come to their site. Internet marketers learned when they created their product, how much money to expect.

The reason why the ” lose weight ” niche is so profitable is that no one in the world wants to put a product on the market, I’m sure. However, if you solve someone’s problem, they will gladly part with their money.

Once you find a niche market you are interested in, there are two things you need to do.

Create a high quality info product.

Create a self producing website with an auto-responder system.

If you can create a low priced product in a niche market, and built your list.

You will soon see the real money come from your online efforts.

I learned these secrets the hard way, by losing money in PPC.