Japan Patent Office (JPO) has delivered a precise notice allowing Positive ONE’s patent application. The Patent was achieved by the company through the use of their next-generation edge computing, IoT, and AI technologies for both 5G and 6G mobile technology and was key to developing specific low-energy consumption qualities that miniaturization technologies require.

Given the new current direction in which technology is traveling, miniaturization equipment such as drones can benefit from these patent-approved advancements with techniques such as, decentralization of camera and Al processing which use less power. This can be used as a forecasting tool to determine next-generation social infrastructure and Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). ITS is presently equipped with stations that support ETC, DSRC and VICS. In a new path where software such as Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems are used for automobiles and drones, we believe that 5G and 6G wireless networks will diversify the services and increase communication safely. 

About Patent and Positive ONE:

JPO Patent: It is regarded for preparing large information for 5G and 6G technologies. Principally for digital content obtained from more than one camera, it performs over-burden processes for; picture order, object identification, and signal acknowledgment. A design that can deliver load distribution to the ideal spot. The specialized field has been extended and cases have been included from the JPO Patent (Patent No. 670323).

The motivation for Positive ONE has been their fixation on high-performing IoT’s and computers. This has credited the improvement of medical, automotive, network and industrial communications equipment (both wired and wireless)

There is a huge variation of industries in which the above computer technologies can be used such as automotive, drones, robots, social infrastructure, VR, digital and cameras creating both low-power consumption and reliable image processing in a range of sensors and artificial intelligence.


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