Since the modern age is all about the latest technology and trendy upgrades, transforming your vehicle has become much of an essential part. When it comes to our cars, we tend to keep it for extended periods these days but fail to check some of its upgrades. However, if you do not wish to make a new purchase anytime soon, you can make the most of some of the best tech upgrades, giving your car a brand new and trendy look. Tech upgrades are often ranked by general and practical usefulness regarding what can be vital for you to administer in a vehicle.

Whenever you hit the road, it merely implies that you would be spending maximum time behind the wheel. During such moments, the tendency to upgrade a car’s interiors become more of a necessity. Fortunately, there are several options to upgrade your ride and alleviate your experience by making it smoother, enjoyable, and not to forget, safer.

Whether it is all about keeping the interiors tide and clean, connecting your smartphone to the vehicle, charging devices while on the go, or saving your life, the tech upgrades mentioned in the article covers all your motorized travels. In case you already own a high-end or a new vehicle, chances are they you would not need these gizmos. But, some modern technology and functionality touches can be detrimental for your comfort and safety if you do not.

1.  Dash Cam

Dash cams are not only famous in the US but can also be vital to pass through an inevitable curve. Dash cams are inexpensive versions of a cam that can record everything out of the windshield. You can also connect to it remotely from anywhere and access what’s ahead of your vehicle. Moreover, some dash cams also provide emergency notifications and the crash sensing and driving assists, letting you know to keep the car in your lane or if you are too close to a vehicle. If running errands alongside a co-pilot isn’t your cup of tea, a dash cam can come out to be pretty handy.

2.  Roof Rack

Going out on the road to bike or camp nearby but fail to carry the heavy equipment on your vehicle? The fj cruiser roof rack is an ideal addition to the car when you lack space and solutions. Your car’s roof rack helps increase the legroom and enhances the storage space, allowing you to load any equipment such as a kayak, canoe, bicycles, skis, and several others.

While you are on the go, a sturdy and reliable option for transporting several such goods is more than quintessential. You can either look for roof racks that come with LED lights that tend to brighten the camp post-sunset or weather and water-resistant ones.

3.  Smart Car Dongle

A smart car dongle in 2020 is a must-have for every vehicle owner. The dongle allows you to plug into the vehicle’s diagnostic port. And, if one of your cars were manufactured after 1996, it will automatically have one. When you connect the smart dongle of the vehicle to a smartphone, it delivers trip statistics, parking positions, and wrong with the car when the engine checks light flashes. If you happen to tumble across buying a pro smart car dongle, know that it can send multiple alerts every time you begin to drive. So, if your car was ever to get stolen, you will know where and when.

4.  Alexa-enabled Car Charger

Charging a smartphone and several other handy features are not just vital but a necessity whenever you are on the road. In such cases, you can look for an Alexa-enabled car charger or device that can play your favorite music and charge the smartphone on a simple command. Since there are multiple varieties of such a tech upgrade, you have the liberty to opt for yourself, depending on the requirement and budget.

5.  Head Unit: Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

A head unit tends to be an industry jargon for a stereotype that can perform more than just playing music in the car. Le the truth be told – all we need is our smartphones in the car’s dash. A head unit enabled with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto allows you to maneuver through accounts, applications, and phone history. Streaming podcasts, music, calls, navigation, and messaging take the place of the car’s dash, mimicking your smartphone’s functions. This does not hinder your driving experience or impose any distractions.


Tech upgrades make your driving and traveling experience a worthwhile act. With the help of meager additions to the vehicle, you can save space and maneuver through the head unit without using your phone. Furthermore, you can listen to music on command, carry heavy equipment on a roof rack, and several other things you are not aware of.