Technology is ever changing, innovating beyond our wildest dreams. With many ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’ technological features for you to consider when buying a new car, check out this helpful guide to help you along the way.


  • Forward and reverse collision warning

Whether your car gives you an audio or visual warning that you are too close to an object, this feature is incredibly useful for avoiding collisions.

  • Blind spot warning

Another feature that can reduce collisions is a warning when there is a car or object in your blind spot.

  • Automatic high beam

Having your high beam on can dazzle oncoming traffic, and, let’s face it, we have all forgotten to flick back to our standard lights once in our lives! Automatic high beam immediately switches to high beam when it is too dark outside, and dips your headlights as soon as it senses oncoming traffic.


  • Smartphone connectivity

Though having a radio or CD audio system is great, being able to connect your smartphone to your car for audio and media opens your possibilities endlessly. Nowadays, most of our music comes from streaming apps like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, so this connectivity allows you to play your entire library during your drive.

Not only can this make for a great entertainment system, but it also encourages drivers to use their handsfree integrated system for emergency calls instead of breaking the law and using their phones at the wheel.

  • Camera systems

360 degree camera systems are a fantastic technological feature, especially if you live in a built up area, or have limited mobility in your neck and shoulders. Drivers can reverse, check their surroundings, and pull into spaces without needing to turn their head as much, making the process much simpler.

  • USB charging

USB charging is an essential feature of any car, especially when the car also has smartphone connectivity. However, in 2022 it is not just enough to have basic USB charging capabilities – it’s got to be fast!

  • Touchscreen

Everything is touchscreen nowadays, so why should your car entertainment system, climate control, and navigation system be any different? The most impressive touchscreen technology in any motor has to be from Tesla, which boasts TV streaming, games, karaoke, Google maps, heated seat controls, and many other shortcuts.


  • GPS or SatNav

This feature might already be covered if your motor boasts smartphone connectivity, but if you don’t like to use your phone data, an inbuilt SatNav can be endlessly helpful in your travels.

  • Lane assist

 Lane assist will notify a driver when they are veering outside the lanes of a road or motorway, reducing the risk of collisions on the road.

  • Cruise control

Cruise control allows you to set the speed at which you want to go so you never creep over the speed limit. Opt for a car that also has automatic braking, making the car automatically slow from its cruise controlled speed to a stop when approaching stationary traffic.

Getting the latest technology in your new car doesn’t have to break the bank – many of these features are becoming more frequently standard elements in the newest models. Even if these motors are more than your budget, enter Dream Car Giveaways for a chance to win a new car, or research into affordable financing options.