Classic Styled Retro Arcade Game Now Available in Apple’s App Store
NEW JERSEY, USA – November, 15, 2020 – ResoluteNerd today announced that their first game, Trumpy Con, is now available exclusively for iPhone and iPad devices, and will be releasing an Apple TV version shortly. Trumpy Con is a retro-style, fast-paced arcade game highlighting the chaos of the current political environment in the US and delivering painfully satirical entertainment as democracy hangs in the balance.
In Trumpy Con, the player is an FBI agent who’s mission is to collect clues scattered about, all while trying to save the girl (representing America) from Trump’s clutches. The player must avoid obstacles and enemies such as pork barrels, foxzies, matryoshka dolls and many more which pose a threat to everything democracy stands for. The player progresses each level by reaching the girl who is being held captive. Seven main levels themed appropriately to represent issues of what is taking place in our society, be it political, environmental or humanitarian; while using comedy not to lessen the issues but to make the lessons more memorable for future generations. The game may be played using the on screen touch controls or any compatible bluetooth controller as well as an iCade arcade cabinet.
“I’m very pleased with the story behind Trumpy Con, which I believe will be a great platform to help individuals talk about corruptions in today’s society”. The game also features a custom music sound track created for each level, written specifically for the game. The game is ad free for non interruptible fun. “I created animated shorts to tell the story upon starting the game and after completing each level, which are both enjoyable and very funny” The game in classic retro style gives the choice for two playable characters, typically which would both be male, but in this game it was decided, “one must be a woman to show that all women have a voice in society for positive change and the power to accomplish it”, said JD.
Trumpy Con is now available for $2.99 in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions. Trumpy Con is available world-wide excluding China from Apple’s App Store for iPhone and iPad, or by visiting:
Please visit for more information. A press kit including videos and screenshots of the game can be found at
ResoluteNerd, an independent video games studio based out of New Jersey, USA, was formed in 2020 by JD for the purposes of creating fun and memorable games which bring to light the issues in today’s society.

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