The newest edition to the internet, the 5G network can maintain high-speed internet up to 10 Gbps, low response time or delays, and may deal with up to millions of devices present on each square kilometer. With 4G internet, you had to wait for more than 7 minutes to download an HD movie but with 5G it decreases it to less than 40 seconds. In reality, 5G allows driverless cars to speak with one another and traffic infrastructure, have accessibility to the computer or online games, make 3D hologram calls via phone and play numerous videos without interruption.

Sadly, these networks don’t agree with these 4G devices and to reach them one might require a 5G phone that has a bigger memory capacity of up to 12 GB or more and higher processing ability and also things such as 3D holographic projectors in case you would like to explore those areas. But you will only have to attach a 5G router to your current devices in case of home connectivity.  But the question of the hour is, would cellular internet like 5G, 4G supplant fiber and cable internet? Let’s find out:

  • If you want to substitute cable broadband for 5G, the most challenging process would be to put the configuration in place. The largest and fastest network has access to about 96.4% of addresses but 5G initially would be out there for availability only in metro cities. For home internet connections, you should consider the all-inclusive packages such as the Spectrum silver package. It has all the important channels along with the premium channels.
  • However, if you want to elevate the cable internet speeds to those provided by 5G, you would need to link up each home to the network having its fiber structure. If expanding the 5G network is the purpose, you would need to install a large number of transmitters that are linked with the fiber network but every one of those can only incorporate one house. As these are two distinct strategies, they pose very diverse difficulties involving the infrastructure so you can’t estimate the prices of either. Linking up the secluded communities and populations to 5G could be more manageable than placing cables.
  • Nonetheless, if only the infrastructure is established and put in place, it won’t be enough. To compete with cable service providers or substitute the cable networks, 5G will be required to sustain the same data tariffs. And the standard or possible data tariffs for mobile networks is more economical than their technical data amounts.
  • Even though 5G works with internet speeds of up to 10 Gbps technically, its working speeds are often as low as 200 Mbps. Although this can help standard internet usage, it may not be adequate for users that stream numerous online videos simultaneously or play fast games online.
  • Ensuring a dependable service for consumers is an added problem for the reason that their signals are often suffering from various circumstances which include the distance between the transmitter, obstructions plus intervention from extra devices. This remains a serious matter for businesses as well as people who are working from home.
  • It may not be possible or feasible if you want to substitute cable broadband with 5G broadband because of all the limitations posed to complete 5G adoption.
  • Though it can also be possible that you find yourself in circumstances where distant or rural areas utilize 5G. Since it’s simpler in comparison to linking a fiber network to each house. And on the other hand, internet customers in big cities or corporations will choose cable broadband to have access to safe, stable, faster data transfer rates.

Final Thoughts

Working with 5G might need some time after its arrival because it requires a complete revamp of the already existing system. That is not possible and will eventually come into the picture as cable services did. However, replacing fiber and cable internet is not something we see coming shortly. But the speed, once it is commonly used, would encourage users and eventually the technical experts to expand 5g services everywhere. The magical speed and wonders 5G is expected to do, it will surely set a bar higher for all the traditional and fastest networks in the market.