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Dylan Sigley thought his life was all planned out for him. He finished high school in Taupo, New Zealand where he grew up and enrolled at the Victoria University of Wellington. His plan at the time was to graduate and enter the corporate world and work his way up the corporate ladder. However, when Dylan graduated with $60,000 of debt and started working, he started to question if this was it, was this what he had to look forward to? A life of boredom and conformity? He started to think, surely there must be a better way to make a living! Questioning the status quo is how Dylan Sigley discovered the power of online business and how he could leverage the power of the internet to build a wildly successful business that would set him up for a life of financial freedom. Dylan Sigley started his first online business after going through an online course and struggled for the first four months to gain much traction. But after sheer grit and hard work he eventually made his first sale, and within 12 months was making a 6-figure income. Five years later Dylan Sigley now makes over seven figures per year and spends his time teaching other people how they can live a life of financial freedom through his education company Drop Servicing Blueprint. You not only get a step by step guide on how to build your own business, but he shares all of the mistakes he made and how you can avoid them. You can now find Dylan Sigley living life to the fullest in Krakow, Poland where he lives and manages his numerous online businesses.  

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