The banner printing industry continues to experience evolution as new sophisticated materials and printing technologies are introduced. That’s why it’s crucial to go far ahead of your competitors when it comes to advertising or marketing with banners.

This article unveils HelloPrint’s banner innovations for tomorrow that you can leverage to improve your business banners. However, before that, let’s examine some top banner printing trends in 2024.

Trending Banner Printing Innovations in 2024

Trends are very powerful due to their ability to edge an organization out of relevance. Hence, they must be studied and embraced. The following are some trends already sweeping across the banner printing industry in 2024.

Advanced operations via digitalization

The introduction of digital printing has sent printing plates and their related heavy setups to extinction. Prior to the advent of digital printing, customers had to wait for a long time before receiving the delivery of their business banners.

However, that’s not the case anymore with digital printing, which can print a banner in the twinkle of an eye.

Integration of QR code for engagements

Virtually all promotional banners now come with QR codes. This innovation lets readers (potential customers) interact with the banner in real-time by using their smartphones to scan the code to access more details about the event, product, or service being advertised.

Texture and 3D design effects

Many recent banners have continued to feature textures, as well as 3D design effects for sleek, tactile, and visually attractive displays. They create a unique kind of impression because they don’t necessarily appear like conventional banners on the street.

Large-scale printing with embellishments

As more organizations continue to demand extremely attractive banners with attention-grabbing elements to promote their brand, products, or services, large-scale printing with embellishments has continued to thrive.

Embellishments like foil stamping, embossing, etc., are becoming the order of the day in the printing industry.

On-demand printing

Again, on-demand printing has helped to overcome the delay in printing banners, which was common with traditional/conventional printing. They’re also cost-effective compared to traditional printing and as such have been extensively embraced.

Increased personalization through design templates

While it used to be time-consuming to design an appealing, professional business banner, the advent of various software with already-designed templates has made the entire process easy.

More so, organizations can now personalize already-designed banner templates by adding their own logos, images, texts, etc., in the areas provided.

Eco-friendly and sustainable printing material usage

As the advocacy for environmental concern continues, the printing industry has also embraced the use of eco-friendly materials such as biodegradable fabrics, substrates, and vinyl. With this practice, banners no longer have to litter the environment after use.

Reclaiming recyclable materials

There is no more room for waste and environmental pollution, as the printing industry has adopted reclaiming recyclable materials. Besides minimizing waste, this approach further enhances cost-effective operations.

Eco-friendly and recycled ink print projects

Again, in line with the ever-increasing environmental concerns, the printing industry has also adopted the use of eco-friendly inks. These inks, which are formulated with minimal volatile organic compounds, reduce carbon footprint and ensure the safety of print workers and the environment.

More demands for wall graphics

The application of wall graphics has also become extensively popular among organizations and individuals who prefer an unconventional interior design style to regular interior decoration styles.

AI automation for smarter printing workflow

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gradually taking over manual operations for faster speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The banner printing industry is not left out, as AI-powered tools can now handle design processes, automate printing, and improve print quality control.

Print projects ordering flexibility

With the introduction of e-commerce, customers no longer need to queue at a local printing center to print their banners. With just a mail or a phone call, organizations can order for their banners to be printed and delivered by any printing organization of their choice.

What Material are Banners Printed On?

Generally, banners are printed on a wide range of materials, including polyester fabric, canvas, mesh vinyl, vinyl (PVC), or adhesive vinyl.

To get the best quality possible on your business banner, you may want to use 150 dpi at full print size. This resolution ensures that the banner comes out well with sharp and clear text and graphics.

There’s no need to worry about how to print your own banner. You will be more efficient when you concentrate on the banner design while you let the professionals handle your banner printout. Working with an organization that’s a master in the print industry is all you need to transform your designs into stunning banners.

What is the Best Material for Banner Printing?

Vinyl is arguably the best material for printing banners. Due to its natural waterproof nature, it can be a perfect choice for your indoor and outdoor banners. It also possesses fade-resistant ability and high durability, and it is relatively inexpensive.

Vinyl features diverse weight options, and the most common among them is 13 oz. However, vinyl is sadly not a biodegradable material. It can take a couple of years to break down completely. In other words, while it remains, the material eventually contributes to environmental litter, as well as pollution.

If you’re wondering, “How long do printed banners last?” Typically, outdoor printed banners can last up to 3 – 5 years. They’re mostly subject to environmental conditions that have adverse impacts on them over time until they fade or deteriorate.

Nevertheless, in recent times, some manufacturers have attempted to produce biodegradable vinyl to replace the current non-biodegradable printing materials.

Final Words

With the ever-increasing changes and recent trends in the banner printing industry, leveraging the strength of professionals in the industry is crucial. Sophisticated professional printing organizations print your business banners at the next level to reflect current and future trends.

Lastly, studying trends is one of the major advantages of thriving organizations regardless of the industry in which they operate. Identifying and adopting new trends in banner design and printing can transform your advertising and quantum leap your marketing outcome more than you can ever imagine.