Tips for Saving Money on Park Tickets

The park is a thrilling place where you can encounter an absolutely rare taste of adventure and relax, getting the possibility to share joyful experiences with your loved ones. The price that comes to accompany this excitement often is usually at a very high cost of admission. For a family, groups of friends, or even for the single adventurer, the costs of a park ticket will easily seem scary, making the budget traveler’s life hard.

Fortunately, there are effective strategies that can be put in place to mitigate these costs without necessarily compromising the fun. The article below provides some four simple, yet effective, tips of saving money on tickets to the park. Our goal is to help ensure that you are able to enjoy that all-inclusive fun without worrying about your pocket getting emptied.

1. Choose Off-Peak Times for Better Deals

Most times, the park tickets prices drop significantly during periods when the park is empty. These periods include weekdays, or off-season periods like winter. Booking your park tickets for these times can save you money. Not only that, it usually makes for a more pleasant trip as there are shorter lines and less crowding.

2. Save More with Group Discounts

More often than not, parks offer special group rates, be it to family, friends, or members of larger organized outings. You too can get those group rates. If you worry that you don’t have a big enough group, just speak with your colleagues and neighbors; you never know if they would be interested or not unless you ask. You can also join a Facebook group or internet forums looking for other people like you. By building your “team,” you can save a lot per ticket and make your park entry costs cheaper.

3. Bundle Up: Combo Offers for Parks

Another approach is looking for combo ticket offers. Most parks sell park tickets packages that provide park admission in conjunction with other attractions. On an overall basis, this is often cheaper. You may also go for multi-day passes—this is also a cheaper option. Just make sure that you fully understand the different ticket options for the bundle deals.

4. Follow for Offers: Social Media & Newsletters

Generally, theme parks and amusement parks let followers on their social media—and readers of their newsletters—get access to special promotions, last-minute deals, and exclusive park tickets discounts. Follow your favorite park or parks on social media, or subscribe to their newsletters. Remember though, in most cases, social media and newsletter discounts are either limited by time or by number of people, so keeping an eye out at all times is the best way to benefit from this.


Enjoying the thrills and excitement of parks doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag.

Just by picking off-peak times, availing yourself of group discounts, looking for combo offers, and checking regularly for special promotions, you’re well on your way to getting the best bang for your buck on an adventure-filled trip. By following the tips above, you are steps closer to optimizing your adventures without inflating the budget.