Story from Jam Press (Older Lover) Pictured: Chloe Amour. 'My ex was 43 years older than me – THIS is why you should ONLY date older men' A model has opened up about what it was like to date a man 43 years her senior and why she now believes women should only date older men. Chloe Amour first realised she was into silver foxes in her 20s but it took her a few years before she decided to go for more mature men, who made her “feel safe”. Now 32, the model – who recently hit the headlines after sharing her long list of ‘must haves' for any budding suitor – is all about the older gentleman. And Chloe, who has 2.1 Million followers on Instagram (@‌realchloeamour) wants other women to know about the benefits that come from having a senior lover – including financial stability and wisdom. And the sex is pretty good, too. Speaking about her relationship with one of her age gap exes, who was 43 years older, Chloe said: “My closest friends were accepting and supportive when we got together, but strangers would give us looks. “We first met in a restaurant in Las Vegas, where we both lived at the time. “He came to say hello before leaving. “He paid for my dinner and we exchanged contact details. “The same weekend we met, he took me on a shopping spree to Christian Louboutin and Agent Provocateur. “When our relationship became serious, he added me to his black Mastercard account that has a $100,000 credit limit. “We eventually broke up after being on and off for four years because I realised I didn’t want the same things anymore. “But age wasn’t a factor in the breakup.” While Chloe, who now lives Las Vegas, admits she has tried dating younger men in the past she says it “doesn’t end well”. The model cites that younger men are often not as financially stable, which for the model – who loves receiving gifts, just won’t do. She said: “My love languages are quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, words of a

Esteemed model Chloe Amour has candidly discussed her experiences with dating senior men, underscoring not just the appeal of financial security and a life of luxury but also the invaluable wisdom and emotional depth such partnerships entail. Amour’s personal narrative, which includes a significant relationship with a man 43 years her senior, offers an intriguing perspective that defies conventional social standards and expectations.

At the age of 32, with a robust Instagram presence boasting 2.1 million followers (@realchloeamour), Amour has become an outspoken proponent for women engaging in romantic ventures with older gentlemen. She reflects on the profound sense of stability and validation she gained from these relationships, despite societal prejudices.

“Age wasn’t a factor in the breakup,” Amour declared, highlighting the rich and complex nature of her past romantic involvements. Amid societal scrutiny, she maintains a firm belief in the transcendence of love over age differences and encourages people to seek out genuine connections rooted in compatibility and reciprocal respect.

Amour shares personal stories of the opulence experienced with older companions, from lavish shopping trips to access to exclusive financial accounts. However, she is quick to clarify that her inclinations are not solely materialistic, stressing the necessity of emotional satisfaction and aligned values for a lasting and meaningful partnership.

Confronting social judgement and misconceptions with resilience, Amour promotes honesty and personal happiness in romantic relationships. Her open revelations serve as a powerful commentary on the intricacies of modern romance, challenging traditional perceptions of age and compatibility in partnerships.