Cloud Canaries, a pioneer in the field of cloud intelligence, today revealed its latest innovation by incorporating support for Snowflake, the distinguished cloud data platform. This strategic move enhances the Aviary Platform, enabling users to efficiently store vital workload data in Snowflake and utilise Snowflake Cortex for sophisticated forecasting. This advancement allows teams to conduct thorough analyses and proactively thwart adverse incidents.

As cloud intelligence evolves to outpace traditional methodologies of cloud monitoring and observability, it paves the way for more rapid and precise decision-making. Cloud Canaries specialise in simulating workloads and examining the conduct of systems, applications, and networks to identify irregularities and potential hazards. This functionality is vital for enterprises aiming to swiftly detect, reveal, and rectify critical issues, including hardware defects, software errors, security vulnerabilities, fluctuations in brand loyalty, and complications within supply chains or distribution frameworks.

Integrating cloud workload data with AI, automated canaries are empowered to probe, detect, alleviate, and avert such occurrences, whether through the platform itself or interconnected external systems. The Aviary Platform acts as the pivotal nucleus for overseeing Cloud Canaries and their corresponding AI models.

With the Snowflake integration, the Aviary Platform now offers uninterrupted data access for machine learning and analytical purposes, simultaneously improving data security and availability. The platform’s latest version introduces forecasting capabilities via Snowflake Cortex, with the integration of Cortex forecasts into the Aviary Platform enhancing its array of alarms and notifications across health, compliance, and forecast dashboards.

Mark Callahan, CEO and Founder of Cloud Canaries, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The addition of Snowflake support advances our cloud intelligence platform by merging AI and data from diverse cloud workloads to enable predictive incident management. We now offer a better approach for teams to monitor and address performance and customer experience issues than traditional monitoring and observability platforms—and at a fraction of the cost.”