Animotive stands at the forefront of innovation in real-time 3D animation production software, unveiling a pivotal shift in its service offerings with a redefined pricing strategy and the introduction of several trailblazing features.

This calculated move is designed to elevate the accessibility of Animotive’s state-of-the-art technology for individuals at varying stages of their creative projects, further levelling the playing field in animation production.

Taking a bold stride towards broader inclusion, Animotive is overhauling its pricing models to accommodate a more diverse audience. As of now, Animotive is available at no cost for non-commercial purposes, allowing users complete access to its comprehensive feature set. This level is ideally suited for animation enthusiasts, novices, or anyone desirous of exploring what Animotive has to offer for their personal endeavours.

In addition, the introduction of a New Indie Tier, priced from $15.99 per month, is directed at small ensembles and solo creators whose turnover and/or total funding does not exceed $100k over the past year. This adjustment is a testament to Animotive’s resolve to nurture creators through every phase of their artistic journey.

Animotive’s most recent upgrade brings to the fore features that streamline the animation process.

With the advancement in FBX interoperability, Animotive now offers fluid integration with major platforms including Maya, Blender, Unity, and Unreal. This allows users to record and capture their performances within Animotive and export the animation data to their platform of choice.

An Enhanced Desktop Mode has also been unveiled. This update empowers animators to control projects and guide performers straight from their desktop, boosting efficiency for those who opt to work without a VR headset.

Phil Morrow, CEO of Animotive, highlighted the company’s commitment to the animation sector. He stated: “Our goal is to make Animotive accessible to all, from hobbyists to professional studios. The new features and pricing tiers reflect our commitment to supporting the animation community at every step of their creative journey.”

For further details on Animotive’s new functionalities and pricing models, please visit Animotive’s official website.