, the preferred booking site for student air travel, is proud to announce an expansive move into Europe, supported by new partnerships with leading airlines. The year 2023 marked a period of remarkable growth for, with the company seeing a fourfold increase in its customer base and a significant boost in revenue for its airline partners. The ambition now is to aim even higher.

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  • International Ambitions: is unveiling a multi-currency functionality for its users in Poland, the Czech Republic, Scandinavia, and the UK, streamlining the flight booking process for students around the globe.
  • Extending Partnerships: The platform is excited to disclose distribution partnerships with major international travel brands such as Ulysse, Pion (once known as Studentbeans), ISIC, and bus2alps, as well as new affiliations with airlines including Star Alliance’s LOT Polish Airlines, Norway’s Wideroe, and Scotland’s Loganair.
  • Sustainability Focus: From the outset, has been dedicated to promoting more sustainable air travel by compensating for the carbon emissions of each flight booked. Now, the platform is taking this commitment a step further by offering users the choice to select the exact project they want to support with their carbon offset. A noteworthy 72.9% of users have already made use of this option.

Ben Shaw, CEO of, expressed his excitement about the expansion, remarking, “This marks a significant milestone for Our advanced carbon compensation system is now available to an audience of over 20 million European students in addition to the many new routes we exclusively serve student fight content on. This is a huge step forward for students, us and carbon-conscious flying.”

Amy McLean from Loganair voiced her enthusiasm, noting, “Working with Flyla will simplify the process for students to find discounted fares for some of our most sought-after routes.”

Amit Ray, Director DACH markets, Italy & India at LOT Polish Airlines, added, “We are happy to partner with Flyla giving customers what they value.” is not solely focused on providing discounted flights; it is dedicated to making travel more accessible and environmentally conscious. Look out for more updates as we continue to innovate and extend our offerings.