The Benefits of Working as a Yacht Crew Member

Oliver Mills-Nanyn is an experienced deckhand who has travelled the world on high-profile charter vessels. This article will take a closer look at what working as a yacht crew member involves, exploring the pros and cons.

Working on board a yacht is a dream career for many people, potentially offering an opportunity to travel to exotic locations with high-profile people, gaining a glimpse into an exclusive jet-set lifestyle few people get to see. Nevertheless, not everyone is cut out for the role. There are many positives, chief among them visiting far-flung destinations, working closely with people from very different backgrounds and forming lifelong friendships. In addition, there are also considerable incentives, with minimal daily expenses and generous pay packages.

Nevertheless, for the uninitiated, it is crucial to understand that being a deckhand is more than just a job: it’s a lifestyle choice, and one that is not suitable for everyone. The industry centres around providing yacht owners and guests with exceptional experiences, with crew members at the forefront of this challenge. The work can be very demanding at times, requiring a strong work ethic and a commitment to teamwork, as well as an unerring focus on guest satisfaction. With limited personal time, crew members can also find it challenging to adapt to confined living quarters, trading their solitude and privacy for the unique experiences the role offers.

Excelling in this luxurious yet fast-paced environment demands a specialised set of skills and a willingness to embrace the lifestyle. Those who possess these qualities benefit from extensive career advancement opportunities. Whether they aspire to be a deckhand, chef, engineer or even a captain, with hard work and dedication they can forge a rewarding, long-term career working on some of the world’s most prestigious yachts.

Living aboard one of the world’s most expensive vessels, surrounded by some of the most influential people on the planet, provides a glimpse into a way of life few people get to see. Today’s superyachts come with some of the best amenities and facilities imaginable, and there may be instances when crew members are permitted to make the most of their lavish surroundings at the owner or captain’s discretion. When the owners and guests are taking an excursion, crew members may be permitted to enjoy the jet-skis or use the hot tub, swimming pool, gym, home-cinema room and more.

Wherever a superyacht ventures, it will garner a great deal of attention.  Superyachts travel to some of the world’s most luxurious and exotic destinations, and working aboard one presents the opportunity to tick off numerous locations that most people only dream about visiting. While crew members may not always get the opportunity to enjoy these destinations exactly as they might hope, they are able to travel to places they may never reach otherwise, enjoying some spectacular views along the way.

Working on a superyacht is a job unlike any other, with staff surrounded by their crew mates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for weeks at a time. Crew members are more than just colleagues, often forming strong bonds and life-long friendships.

Yacht crew typically enjoy good base salaries with no outgoings, and many enjoying tax-free living. There is no expenditure on accommodation, food and other bills. Indeed, working aboard a yacht often presents few opportunities for crew to spend their money, potentially enabling crew members to save impressive sums.

Working on board a yacht can be a steep learning curve. However, once hired, the yacht owner typically covers training and education expenses, providing crew members with invaluable experience as well as transferable skills and ample opportunities for career advancement.